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2017 NFL Scouting Report: Scouting Tennessee running back Alvin Kamara

if the Broncos pass on Christian McCaffrey, Kamara could be a nice second round option.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

One prospect who the Denver Broncos have been showing interest in and may consider on day two of the 2017 NFL Draft is former Tennessee running back, Alvin Kamara. He is a 5'10, 214lb running back who is considered the top second tier running back in the draft. Kamara is ranked as the 55th overall prospect in the 2017 NFL Draft according to CBS Sports and is ranked as the 4th best running back prospect in the draft.

Kamara played two seasons at Tennesse and put up some good numbers while there. During his two-year career, Kamara totaled 1,294 yards(a career 6.2 YPC), and 16 rushing touchdowns. He also added 74 receptions for 683 yards and 7 touchdowns. So combining that, Kamara totaled 1,977 total yards from scrimmage and a total of 23 touchdowns during his two years at Tennessee.

Alvin Kamara

Running back, Junior, Tennessee

Height: 5'10" Weight: 214lbs 40 time: 4.56 seconds

Arm length: 32 3/4" Hands: 9 1/4"

Bench Press: 15 reps Vertical Jump: 39.5 inches(Top performer at his positional group at the Combine)

Broad Jump: 131.0 inches (Top performer at his positional group at the Combine)

Film Room:

Scouting Report


  • Explosive and highly athletic
  • Shows balance while running and keeps his feet moving through contact
  • Really good change of direction ability and doesn't miss a step while doing it
  • Twitchy, elusive and has a really good juke move
  • Shows patience with the ball in his hands and does find the hole and explodes through it
  • Versatile player who was used all over at Tennessee
  • Great receiver
  • Big play threat in the open field
  • Good pass protector
  • Strong lower half and looks like an NFL running back
  • Has return experience
  • Tough start to his College career but turned into a leader at Tennessee


  • Not a great inside runner with limited power, better outside and in space
  • Vision isn't bad but inconsistent
  • Only has had 20 touches or more once in his career
  • Never has been a "bell cow" running back
  • Likely will need to be in a running back committee in the NFL
  • Sometimes is a little too patient and doesn't hit the open hole when it's there
  • Has some past red flags but appears to have matured(Team leader at Tennessee)
  • Needs some coaching to reach his full potential

Does Alvin Kamara make sense for the Denver Broncos?

If the Broncos are looking for an explosive open field type running back, then I believe they will have some interest in Kamara.

He's not an inside power runner, but someone you get outside in space and let them use their athleticism and explosiveness to make plays. He can help out in the run game, pass game, and the return game as well right away. He's a good enough pass blocker to stay in during obvious pass plays as well.

Mike McCoy had success with Danny Woodhead with the Chargers and I believe they are looking for a back who can do that for them this year. C.J. Anderson and Devontae Booker are your inside power guys, but they're lacking an outside/screen speed guy. This is why they're showing interest in Christian McCaffrey as well as Kamara.

I think Kamara will be there or go right before the Broncos pick in the second round(pick 51). If this interest in Christian McCaffrey is legit(It appear it is) and they miss out, Kamara could be a solid plan B for them.

Now with that said, Kamara is NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah's 26th ranked player on his big board.

Kamara has ideal size, speed and instincts for the position. On inside runs, he has a slashing running style and the ability to get skinny through the hole. His lateral quickness is off the charts and he gets up to top speed in a hurry. He has surprising power at all three levels. Against Vanderbilt, he broke six tackles on the same play. He has the speed to get the edge on outside runs and he's very elusive in space. He is dangerous in the passing game. He has natural hands and has shown the ability to make special catches (see one-handed grab vs. Texas A&M). The major knock on Kamara is the lack of carries he had during his college career; he's never carried the ball more than 18 times. However, he has an elite skill set and could end up being the best running back in the entire draft class.

I'm not sure that he'll ever be a 20+ carry guy week in and week out but could be an explosive "1B" to a "1A" running back for someone. I think he'll end up having a better NFL career than college career.