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The Broncos still have QB questions

The quarterback debate rages on. The Afternoon Drive looked at the current situation, and try to determine who will be the Broncos starter.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro continue to examine the options for the Denver Broncos at quarterback in the upcoming season. The general consensus is that Paxton Lynch has the higher ceiling, but Trevor Siemian will be the day one starter. They continue to point to Siemian’s superior brain power as the reason for Vance Joseph sticking with him.

This is not a debate that will go away anytime soon. Lynch has been in the building, putting in the effort, and Siemian has been working on getting healthy. Both players have something to bring to the table. The question seems to be, how long into the season until Lynch takes over?

John Elway has used the offseason to address major holes in the offensive line. With a Super Bowl caliber defense, it is imperative that the quarterback play better this season. Whichever player comes out on top will have plenty of weapons at their disposal, and expectations will continue to be high.

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