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Conversation Corner: Notice anything interesting about the Broncos Roster?

The Denver Broncos roster may still be a little fluid, but mostly it is set. What do you find interesting about the personnel the Broncos currently have?

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

In case you want a snapshot, head over the Broncos Official site for the state of the Broncos Roster.

Is there anything that catches your eye about how the roster has been put together?

Talking points I noticed:

  • Obviously the QB competition is number 1. I find it pretty interesting that we picked up 2 prospects this year.
  • The right guard position is going to be a battle. People have talked up Max Garcia as a shoe-in at RG, but he was a hot mess last year (system could have been the main factor). Michael Schofield looked at least average (which was a big improvement compared to his work at tackle in the past) and is very versatile. Connor McGovern also looks the part of what you want in a man blocking system at guard.
  • What is the rotation on the defensive line going to look like outside of Derek Wolfe? Domato Peko is a guy I think you need to keep somewhat fresh so who rotates in for him. We have a slew of guys for the defensive line and only so many spots to go around.

What groups look shaky from a talent pool standpoint?

Talking points I noticed:

  • Not that I want to focus on it, but obviously the QB position is the shakiest...moving on
  • I’m honestly concerned about our RB corps. Every guy there has questions.
  • Maybe the shakiest group is at ILB. Outside of Brandon Marshall, there just isn’t a lot to talk up.

Hit the comments and share your thoughts. What else looks interesting?

* I’m shaking this up a bit since it is the offseason and putting my thoughts in the article instead of the comments, feel free to provide feedback on which format you like better and why. Also, I’m open to suggestions on how to make this article series work the best for MHR once football starts spinning back up in a few months. Feel free to share in the comments or email me at