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DeMarcus Walker: ‘I was shocked when the Broncos called’

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro on The Afternoon Drive caught up with new Denver Broncos defensive lineman, DeMarcus Walker.

When the Denver Broncos drafted Florida State standout, DeMarcus Walker, it seemed every draft analyst felt he would become the perfect replacement for Malik Jackson. Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro from The Afternoon Drive had a good chat with the rookie in the clip below:

Walker admitted he didn’t even have the Broncos on his radar and when they called he was a bit shocked. Often, teams will do that with players they really like, but are doubtful they will have a chance to get them based on their own draft projections.

He comes off as a man who has his priorities around football right on par with the greats. You will come away feeling like he will put everything he has into his craft to help this organization win football games. I freaking love that. Sure its a business, but its also a game. Winning feels good and winning makes all of us fans feel good too.

As a rookie, he will be part of the rotation as few rookies come out and start along the interior of a defensive line - there is just too much nuance to the position for a rookie to come out and play at an elite enough level to earn a starting job outright. However, I personally predict that DeMarcus Walker will be a household name in Denver within the next few years.

Good stuff.

Bonus Listen

Erin and Les ponder whether or not Garett Bolles must start Week 1 in order to be a validated pick. Frankly, the answer is kind of yes. He was drafted without any viable Plan B at left tackle. That could change if John Elway brings in a veteran left tackle to give Bolles some times to adjust to the pro game, but so far that hasn’t happened.