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Broncos biggest question in 2017 is its quarterback

Elliot Harrison from asked one huge question for each team in 2017. The Denver Broncos question is predictable.

NFL: Preseason-Los Angeles Rams at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos have one huge question followed by a series of smaller questions and that one huge question is who will their quarterback be? Elliot Harrison of elaborated from on that in his one huge question for each team in 2017 post.

Denver Broncos: Who is Vance Joseph's quarterback?

Or, who is John Elway's quarterback? We know the Broncos moved up to acquire Paxton Lynch in last year's draft. But to this point, Trevor Siemian has earned the right to be the starter. Sure, Elway flirted with Tony Romo. While Elway was looking for a commitment, Romo was recording Bob Dylan videos and Chuck Norris equipment in the background. Frankly, no other veteran options were appealing enough for Elway to derail the stay-the-course plan with his young quarterbacks. He also built a support system for whoever lines up under center, signing guard Ronald Leary and running back Jamaal Charles in free agency, while drafting Garett Bolles in Round 1, to bolster the ground game. With the defense still a top-five-caliber unit, and Siemian now having a year as QB1 under his belt, you would think he's set to be the Broncos' Week 1 starter. Let's see what happens in training camp, though.

Harrison believes it will be Trevor Siemian and its hard to argue his reasoning given the amount of experience Siemian got last year in comparison to Paxton Lynch. The caveat is how much interference John Elway might run in that final decision-making process.

There is no reason the new coaching staff would come out day one and say the quarterback position is wide open for competition given how well Siemian’s stats look on paper ... unless Elway is driving that narrative.

Anyway, quarterbacks is a discussion we have here on Mile High Report seemingly every day. So what did Harrison say about the Broncos AFC West rivals?

Kansas City Chiefs: How does Andy Reid work in the top rookies?

The Chiefs drafted for the future with Patrick Mahomes, but their dink and dunk mastery only got better with their other draft picks. They will be an explosive team at times and ho hum at others, which is kind of how the dink and dunk philosophy works.

Los Angeles Chargers: How do the Bolts stay healthy in minicamp ... training camp ... preseason?

This is a question the Chargers have been unable to answer for two consecutive seasons now. They have made zero changes to their training staff too, so this could potentially continue to be a major problem for them moving forward.

Oakland Raiders: How does the offense evolve?

It’s been so long since the Raiders have been relevant that they are everyone’s offseason darling. Coming off that 12-4 season, people seem to ignore the fact they have lost a couple of vitally important offensive minds and some free agents. I expect some regression, not evolution. They should still compete for the AFC West, though.