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Von Miller working hard on endurance for extended quarterback terror in games

The Denver Broncos have a special player in Von Miller. His mindset and approach to the game will land him in Canton someday.

NFL: Denver Broncos-OTA Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

As a fan, Von Miller is slowly edging his way past Steve Atwater as my favorite defensive player in Denver Broncos history. He might already be there, but it’s hard to gauge admiration. I just want to say they are both super awesome.

Miller really opened up on his questions on Wednesday after practice and every time I came away more and more excited about his upcoming season.

The first came from his comments on keeping his body in focus. It’s all about Von being the on field longer without losing the ability to make game-changing plays.

“I’ve always focused on my body and focused on my nutrition,” Miller said of what he has done differently this offseason. “I’m just taking advantage of the time that I have now instead of going home after the workouts here and watching TV. I might go home and do some crunches or some cardio work. I think cardio and endurance is really the thing that I need to focus on. If I can stay on the field, I can play eight snaps instead of five snaps. It allows me more time to make plays and it allows me more opportunities and exposure to make plays. That’s been my whole goal this year. Just trying to stay on the field and have more exposure to football plays because you can’t make plays unless you are on the football field. I don’t want to be on the football field just going through the motions. I just want to be on the field like I know how to be. That’s all I’ve been working on, endurance and cardio.”

With DeMarcus Ware retiring, the Broncos may need Von Miller on the field more to keep the defensive edge sharp for 60 minutes. The Broncos certainly hope to see Shane Ray and Shaquil Barrett keep up the pressure on Ware’s side of the ball.

That seems to be Miller’s primary goal in 2017. Be on that football field more and making those plays.

“Goals and roles change every single year,” Miller said of his goals for 2017. “I just want to be in great shape. I want to push my body to a spot that it has never been before. You’re never guaranteed that working hard off the field will translate to on-the-field success, but that is what I am hoping for this year. I’ve never worked as hard as I am working this offseason. Things don’t always happen like you want them to, but I’m hoping that work off the field translates over to the field. I’m just going to take it one play at a time and one game at a time. I’m going to continue to work on leadership and continue to lead my guys in the locker room. Good things always happen, especially here. I’m just taking in one day at a time. Whatever happens, I’m going to be OK with.”

The second part is Von talking about how this defensive unit is more greedy than hungry. The hungry thing is cliche as football cliches come, but Von’s breakdown of the difference between players being greedy and being hungry is what will set this defensive unit apart from their peers in 2017 and beyond.

“With defense, you just have to have that mindset,” Miller said. “I like to think of it more as being greedy. Moral of defense is being greedy. Sometimes when you’re hungry and you make a play, you ease up. But if you have that greedy mindset—I want one sack, two sacks, three sacks, four sacks—I don’t even want him to pass the ball. I think it works a lot better especially with my position and with what I do. Hungry, you can kind of fade a little bit, but being greedy, it’s always there. It’s the mindset and it’s a trait. On defense, I think me and Shane [Ray] have that.”

With each passing year, I am appreciating this defensive unit more and more. I failed to recognize its potential in 2014, was dumbstruck and in awe of it in 2015, started to appreciate it more in 2016, to now fully understanding what Denver has been enjoying for the past three seasons and will likely enjoy again in 2017. A truly generational defensive unit - one that will rival the vaunted Orange Crush of the 1970s.

I love it.

Horse Tracks

A little fun to start the Horse Tracks coverage here. The word bias is thrown around like crazy anymore, especially when the topic of Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch comes up. The fact is, everyone is bias and is pushing their slant on this issue. Be it blogger, be it commenter, be it a professional journalist. Watching the local media duke it out over their selected favorite is popcorn worthy. More popcorn worthy than any scuffle you’ll see in our comment threads on this site.

Actually, that is where this story began. Someone in the comments of a recent post said they heard Mark Schlereth say Paxton Lynch cut out of practice to hit the showers while the rest of the quarterbacks stayed on the field to get the additional work in. I saw that, then listened to it, and was “whoa’d!” by the implications of what Schlereth was implying.

Then buckets of cold water came from other local media members who were also at that OTA practice. First Cecil Lammey got into the fray, disputing those events, then Brandon Allbright. Allbright went on a popcorn eating worthy rant that I’ll share here.

There really is no one we can trust to report facts honestly. We really will have to wait until Vance Joseph actually makes a final decision in 2-3 months. Zack Kelberman of 24/7 Broncos summed things up rather succinctly.

Okay, on to the news for the day!

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