Why I'm a fan of the Denver Broncos

Since the day I was born, I was a fan of the Denver Broncos (whether I knew it or not!) I was born in Fort Collins, CO and there are pictures of me heading home from the hospital in a Broncos onesie. Having both sides of my family be Colorado natives it was inevitable to not fall in love with the Broncos. Each Sunday during football season I remember our parents decking us out in orange and blue, yelling ORANGE CRUSH! and making sure Elway was on the big screen in our living room. Going to college in Montana meant my Denver pride was at an all time high, wearing my jerseys around all Seahawks fans. I'm a fan of the Denver Broncos because they connect our family in ways other sports teams can't. The Broncos remind me of Sundays with my family, of watching victories on the television, and falling in love with football. The Broncos taught me how to handle defeats with integrity and class, how to show my home pride in states where we weren't the majority team, and how the NFL can bring a group of people together. As a middle school teacher, my classroom has a giant Broncos head on our whiteboard, and during football season we use our victories and losses to relate to events happening presently in our life and how to continue to be a fan even if our season isn't going the way we want. The Denver Broncos are my home, my family, and I'm a fan for life!

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