How I Became a Broncos Fan

It all started back in August of 1986. Kind of. I was born into a military family with both parents hailing from a small town just outside of El Paso, TX. You can already take a guess who the family's football team was. Yep, the Dallas Cowboys. And not just my immediate family either. Both sides of my family rooted for the Cowboys. Well, when I was born we were stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, CO. We moved away a month later and our stops included Georgia, Germany and then back to Texas. Once we were in Texas I started to get into football a lot more. Understanding that we were military and with us moving around a lot I asked where it was we (myself and the two siblings) were all born. Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado they said. Did some research and the Denver Broncos were Colorado's lone NFL team.

That's where It all began. I was hooked. Enjoyed being a fan right off the bat and especially with those back to back Super Bowl wins. Since I've gotten older I've been able to get myself to a few games here and there. I've also been lucky enough to say that I've never seen the Broncos lose live (knock on wood). My first Broncos game was in Denver and against none other than the Dallas Cowboys. Went to watch the game with my two brothers and our dad. The boys in orange and blue did not disappoint. It has been a wild ride these past few seasons, lucky to have seen them defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers en route to Santa Clara and a Super Bowl 50 win.

Now residing back in El Paso, TX its been fun being a fan in the middle of all the bandwagons and Cowboys fans around town. It has most definitely been a journey so far and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for our beloved Denver Broncos.

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