Why I am a Broncos Fan

While many have embraced the orange, I was born into it. It molded me and formed me into the fan I am today. My family has been season ticket holders since my great uncle decided he wanted to be able to go to every game in 1960. My father inherited the tickets and now I am proud to own them.

Growing up every Sunday during the Broncos season we would go to my grandparents and watch the game while my father and grandfather went to the game if it was in Denver. We would watch and play in the living room every single game. Most of the fun was watching my grandmother who would react to every little thing every play. She would "ooof" and "OOOO" and SCREAM "BLOCK THEM YOU IDIOTS" or "FINISH THAT TACKLE"

As I grew older and understood the game better I found myself doing the same. To this day if I am watching on TV I am doing the same every time. My wife finds it amusing to watch me when the game is close. She also will remove any object that may be thrown randomly if something really frustrating happens.

I was lucky enough that my father worked with a friend of his to allow my sister and I to start going to 1-2 games every season starting when I was 10. This was the final step. Being there, being part of "my tribe" where we are all screaming and cheering as one in the hope that our team wins drew me so deep into fandom that I would cry at our Super Bowl losses.

All the bitter losses were only made sweeter ass I watched us win over the Packers. I was even blessed to watch it with a crowd of Packers fans at the University of Northern Colorado's Student Center. Bonus my roommate at the time was a Raiders fan as well.

I am happily working to raise the next generation of Broncos Fans with my children already joining in and watching games.

No matter if you have joined the fold or have grown up with it one thing that will always remain true is we are united in our love for our team.

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