My Dad is the Reason I'm a Broncos Fan

My Broncos fandom goes all the back to my very first memory of football. My folks moved to Colorado before I was born, and then moved the family back to Oklahoma when I was five or six. I missed our old home, my friends, and the mountain, and was happy to find any way to feel like we were still there. One way my dad found was through rooting for a Colorado sports team: the Denver Broncos.

Since I was a rather bookish kid, when my dad sat me down with him one evening about a month before my 7th birthday, I don't think I'd ever even heard of football before. But he wanted me to watch this game with him on TV, and some time with dad was A-okay with me. So we sat on the couch and watched a bunch of guys playing a game I knew nothing about. What I did know was that those guys in blue & orange were from Colorado, and that was good enough for me. I was pulling for them!

When the clock hit zero, I was stoked that our Colorado guys had won. As excited as I was, my dad was even more so! I didn't really understand what was going on very well, but this one player was up on the other guys' shoulders while everyone else crowded around, and he had this incredible look on his face.

That player? John Elway. The game? Super Bowl 32.

My dad managed to introduce me to football, and the Broncos, at the moment of our franchise's greatest triumph. I honestly can't think of a better way to become a team's fan. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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