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I was born a Bronco fan and I thank God every day for that.

My Parents and Grandparents are all from the Midwest, Michigan and Iowa to be exact. They moved here in the late 80's, and my Grandmother fell in love with the Orange and Blue right away. She told me stories of her waking up on Sunday's and calling every number in the Rocky Mountain News until she got tickets and usually she would ask who wanted to come with her, and usually it was my Mom. Well one spring morning she woke up to an add that read:
"Leaving Colorado, selling the rights to our Season tickets"
She could hardly contain her excitement, she called right away. She was the first to call and if she was at the women's house with-in the hour the tickets were hers. Her next call was to my Mom to let her know the news and to pick her up on the way. When she arrived at the house my Grandmother was told there had been no less than 20 other calls asking to buy the tickets. It did not matter to her because on that day my Grandmother took over the rights for 2 Broncos season tickets in the North Endzone.

A few short years later I came along and as soon as I was old enough I began going to games with my Mother and Grandmother. They only had 2 so when I started growing it became increasingly hard to sneak me into games. They would put me in a stroller and cover me with a blanket and say I was asleep. The man that sat next to us had 2 season tickets as well but his wife had passed so usually there was an extra seat for me. We offered numerous times to by the seat but he never wanted the money. I still remember Old Mile High, the smells, the hallways, the the first time I got to use a cuss word because Shannon Sharp clearly made a catch and the refs ruled it incomplete. There will always be one memory that sticks out more than the others which is giving the players a high-five as the ran around the filed after the 1997 game to go to the Super Bowl. We still have the sign that read "All we want for Christmas is for the Broncos to win the Superbowl" It was the most magical place on earth to me and the best place to grow up.

I may have grown up in the most special time in Broncos history, I have seen all 3 Super Bowls, I have seen John Elway, Peyton Manning, and yes even Tom Brady live just to mention a few. I've been to every Super Bowl Parade, even greeted the Broncos as they touched down at DIA after a Super Bowl Victory. There hasn't been a year in Denver where on the first game of the season I didn't believe the Broncos were going to win the Super Bowl. Not many fan bases can truly say that, even now as we continue down a path of uncertainty at QB there is still feeling.

I was Born a Broncos Fan, I am part of Broncos Country, and I Bleed Orange and Blue.

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