I'm a Bronco fan because I love that feeling.............

Born and raised. Pictures of myself when I was 3 reveal that It's not possible to remember the impact of that player on my jersey but smiling nonetheless. Original orange and the excitement of watching 30 people at any given time replace everything going on in their life for 1 more 4th quarter comeback. The room in front of the tv erupted with so much joy and occasionally crying. The Broncos showed me how to enjoy winning and accept defeat even though those days when a loss would ruin a Monday and possibly........are over. Going to a a game at Mile High simply cannot be told with words that would come close to giving that concrete, chain linked fenced, concert promoting billboard of McNichols Arena for the likes of Peter Gabriel or NIN its due respect. Mile High Stadium is the reason why today's sunset is Bronco Orange. Pat Bowlen is the life blood of this organization. As an owner he held that trophy up on that charger stage and gave it to our our current leader. Got out of the way, smiled and walked off as Super Bowl XXXII CHAMPIONS. Pat Bowlen is the reason why I love the Denver Broncos and there is no other reason valid.

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