How I became a Broncos fan in 2009

I became a Broncos fan in 2009 when the Broncos acquired Kyle Orton…. I know I know laugh it up and I realize I’m most likely the only Broncos fan in the world that started liking the Broncos because of the neck beard himself but I am a lifelong Purdue fan and a graduate so I followed his career since his time at Purdue but back to the Broncos, I started watching all of their games in 2009 and was immediately hooked and started liking many of the other players, the hot 6-0 start didn’t hurt either. I haven’t missed a game since that season and have even been out to Denver to see Peyton’s first game in 2012 against Pittsburgh, the home opener against Indy in 2014, the CJ Anderson OT game vs New England in 2015 and Paxton’s debut vs Atlanta last year while also seeing them on the road multiple times in Indy and Cincinnati as well as St. Louis and Cleveland. I consider myself the biggest Broncos fan in my small Indiana town, my only complaint is I wish I would’ve joined Broncos Country a lot earlier than 2009! Go Broncos!

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