How I became a Broncos fan?

It's pretty easy for me, I was born in Pueblo Colorado! Even as a little kid I loved the Broncs(I'm 62), back then I think the colors caught my eye first Considering blue is my favorite color, it couldn't have been the vertical striped socks. But as time went on I would sneak to a neighbors house to watch them on tv because we didn't have one.

When I joined the Air force there were times it was hard to keep up with them or to tough to not be stationed in an area where they would be televised. But that didn't stop me, I got so involved and obsessed with them it became crazy for me, or actually my wife said I was crazy. Especially when I painted my Chevy Luv pick up truck orange and blue.

But she saw how serious I was when I watched 5 Superbowl losses from the pre-game show to the end of the post game show just so I could get as much viewing as possible of my Broncos despite the devastating losses they were experiencing. She saw how passionate I was when they lost in 1989, and I actually cried! She put her arm around me and hugged, so I told her that it would be so bad if they weren't blow out games, and she tried her best to console me.

But I would not let it keep me down for long, and now we have 3 of them. And in my opinion, we have the BEST one too, Superbowl 50, the GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY of the Superbowl. And no one can take that from us!!

So how did I become a Broncos fan? easy, I was born into it how else? :-)

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