A British fan, and "Why the Broncos?"

It starts with my uncle, he went to Mexico in 1970 for the World Cup, after which he spent a few years travelling and working around the USA. Then he came to Denver, and i think he was there from roughly 1973 to 1990.

He got my Dad following the Broncos, then I was born in '82. My uncle would ship hats and t-shirts over for my birthdays and Christmas.

Sadly my uncle left Denver way before I was old enough to start travelling regular, but I have started to make up for it in adulthood.

My first live Broncos game was the loss at Wembley to the 49ers.

In 2012 I visited Denver for the home game vs Houston, another loss. Before coming I hit this board up for some travel advice and got some great responses, the highlight of which was being advised to see a gig at Red Rocks.

2015 I had a 2 week adventure, starting in Indianapolis with another loss, our first of the season. In Denver the following week to see Peyton break the yardage mark and get benched against KC, bringing my mark to 0-4.

Then finally, the following week on a horribly cold day in Chicago, I finally saw the Broncos win. I'm currently in that 1 game win streak.

The NFL has got huge over here in Britain, interest is at an all time high. I take enormous pride in being one of the few people not to choose a team to follow, but to have been brought up with them.

#DB4L Yo! 8) @j7cooper

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