why am i a broncos fan

i couild just re-post my first post but i will not the first 6 or 7 years of my life was hard suruegys lots of pain etc my first memory of the NFL was around 1991 for those who do not know i am in NE Ark its mostly Cowboy land with Pitt Tenn and KC mixed in

my and my dad loved watched larry bird michael jordan play i was never going to be a pitt fan which is my dad team because i did not like the colar schme

my first year of follow denver was around 1992 the 1991 AFC Champ game was the first game i rem watching i rem my big thing was i wanted a team with zero super bowls

in 1993 1994 i would cry after some losses mostly playoffs but i did in 1994 after oakland won by a lot in denver

and i would get teased at school by my friends 1 a cowboy fan the other a 49er fan great guys they meant no harm it was funny the best part was they would make me laugh in class

in 1995 i through long and hard about being a cowboys fan because they were on tv every week and i did like their helmets

but i woke up 1 day and desided i am going to stick this out i was only 11and a half

and every year i knew more and more about the game

i loved shocked all the gym teachers about how much i knew about every team and most sports

this 1 teacher in 9th throuht he was gonna outsmart me he said who won 2 Heisman thorhys i said 3 seconds later achie griffin the look on his face was priceless

and 1 time she seant in a spieial teacher just for that day he was like a hitting intrusy for the KC Royals i think and i blew him away with my knowangle of baseball

and from 7th grade on i wouild find out if my teachers likes sports then tease their team part of the reson i know NE well was i had a 7th 8th teach in 3 class diehard pats fan wonderful teacher but at centin points i wouild get a dig about blesode how he cant move or he can only throw deep she like me the best because she moved from new hamp and i set a tone in her classroom in 7th grade i was a littie sarded of her because u think pretty blond teacher maybe a littie more laid back no not this one she is loud firey can get mad with the best of them but in 8th grade i was the only student with resept that she linenst to because i knew she couild scare most 7th gradeder and i wanted to lead by ex

we couild be like a married couple we spent 3 hours a day for 2 years

anyway i am a broncos fan because they have allways been underdogs and always will be

i have had many fan bases on here beg me to be their fan and i respct that but i bleed orange and bule

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