Why I'm a fan of the Denver Broncos

In the summer of 1975, I was a 13-year-old military brat. My family and I were moving back to Colorado for the 3rd time in 7 years after spending 2 years in England. We flew in to Boston where we would pick up our family dream car (a brand-new AMC Pacer) and drive cross country to Denver. While in Boston we were having lunch at small restaurant when I noticed an old woman (she must have been at least 40) with a transistor radio pressed against her ear listening to a Red Sox game. There must have been at least 10 different people walk up to her and ask for game updates. At that moment, I changed my allegiance from the Packers to the Broncos because I knew I wanted to be that guy. Not an old lady with a radio plastered to her ear, but the guy that other kids would come to for updates about what was happening during Bronco games. At the time, I had no idea that football games were not played in the middle of the day on a school day but that didn’t matter; I’ve been a diehard Denver Broncos fan ever since.

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