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Lynch v. Siemian good for Broncos Country?

Somehow, the ridiculousness of the Broncos QB controversy must be a good thing. 

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There is no doubt about it, the Denver Broncos have an issue at the quarterback position. It is a holdover from the 2016 season, and it doesn't look like it is going away any time soon. In fact, it manifests itself in some truly logic-defying ways. Like how two throws at OTAs can damn a player to the bench for some, and have others screaming "leaks!"

As mad as this may seem, I think this can be good for Broncos Country. Sure unity and cheering for the same team brings us together, but a little disagreement adds some spice. Captain Bronco of the Boozecast filled in for Ian St. Clair on the Mile High Report Radio podcast this week. We do not see eye to eye on the Broncos QB battle, but as we discussed, that's not a bad thing.

In some cases, arguments about the quarterbacks can take us to some next level conspiracy theory arguments. It gets political at times. Once you have picked a side there is no turning back. No amount of tape or information will budge many off there perch of righteousness. It is impressive.

And believe me, there is no room for middle ground. If you think you can straddle the fence, I dare you to try. This is some Highlander stuff. There can be only one! This is what we need in the offseason.

The NFL is a year round propaganda machine. They need controversy to drive audiences, but don't get too high and mighty. Football fans need the controversy, too. Without the disharmony of competition what would we talk about? "Our team is great." "I know." Boring!

The Broncos are going to pick a starting quarterback. Whether Paxton Lynch emerges as the heir to the throne, or Trevor Siemian retains his job doesn't matter right now. What matters is that fans have something to hold their attention.

And don't worry Siemian fans, holding a clipboard is a big deal in the NFL. (sarcasm)