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Chris Harris Jr. and the Broncos defense isn’t making life easy for the offense in OTA’s

The Denver Broncos defense isn’t going easy on the offense in practice. Iron Sharpens Iron.

NFL: New England Patriots at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

So, Mike McCoy, you want to install a new offensive system? Good luck doing that against the Denver Broncos defense.

Chris Harris Jr. wasted no time letting the media know on Tuesday that the offense is struggling to get anything done against the defense during the first two weeks of OTA’s.

“Definitely, I think so,” Harris said when asked if the defense got the best of the offense on Tuesday. “I think we’re progressing. Of course it’s going to be hard for them though. I say it’s a little bit unfair because they’re putting a new system in the red zone and we run pretty much the same. We kind of have a jump on them right there.”

Apparently, the media felt there was a lack of energy at practice on Tuesday, but Harris was quick to note that it was not coming from the defensive side of the ball.

“That’s probably something on the offensive side. I don’t think we ever lack energy on our side. We have too many guys that have a lot of energy. Today is that day where they needed somebody to pick them up and really step out and give them the energy. They needed somebody to make that real play. That’s what they’re looking for on that side of the ball.”

Emmanuel Sanders, during his media interviews, noted the same thing. The lack of energy on offense frustrated him enough to go on a bit of a rant about it.

“It’s good, but it isn’t where I want it to be,” Sanders said of the energy on offense. “That’s what the coaches preach. We have to up the energy around here. That’s one thing that I got on the guys about today. Just come out here and have a bounce to yourself. Do you know how many people are sitting on the couch or how many guys wish they were out here in the NFL being interviewed by you guys or be out there? We’re blessed to do what we do. I’m like, ‘Pick up the energy. Act like you’re happy to be here.’ Obviously, there’s a lot of pressure that comes with the job, but once you’re able to forget about the pressure, and just enjoy and embrace the game, that’s when you start having fun and winning ball games. That’s what we’re trying to get around here.”

Of course, it might be hard to keep the energy level high when the defensive side of the ball is so loaded with talent that success offensively is elusive and inconsistent. A big part of that comes from the attitude and philosophy of the defensive players themselves.

“We’re still going to bring the heat,” Harris said of the defensive expectations. “We’re still going to play man [coverage]. We have little wrinkles that we can try to confuse the quarterbacks with to make them think. But, at the end of the day, we have our bread and butter.”

They are bringing the heat and keeping quarterbacks confused and frustrated. You know, the same old thing they’ve been doing since 2015.