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Brendan Langley says he’s adjusting to Denver pretty well so far

Brendan Langley talks about fitting into the No Fly Zone, who can beat him in a foot race, and returning punts.

NCAA Football: Lamar at Houston Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

The Afternoon Drive caught up with 3rd round pick Brendan Langley today to talk about how he is fitting in Denver.

Langley said he has been working at corner, but also is seeing time at punt returner. In his last season at Lamar, he returned two punts for touchdowns, so he definitely has the experience and skills to compete for the job.

Andrew Mason also pointed out that Langley has made an impression as a gunner on punts as well.

Cornerback Brendan Langley has had some chances to show his speed and athleticism in the past week. One chance came Wednesday on a punt-team drill, when he hustled downfield and arrived in front of McKenzie exactly when Riley Dixon's punt came down.

He also alluded to the fact that he is willing to be moved around anywhere in the defensive backfield. At 6’0” and 201 lbs, running a 4.43 40 yard dash, and leading all DBs in bench press reps at the combine, he has the size/speed to combo to be a bit of a chess piece depending on how quickly he develops and how the Broncos want to use him.

Check out the full interview above around the 5:20 mark.