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Top 10 Questions the Broncos need answers for in 2017

Who is going to be the starting Quarterback would be an important one, but what are some others?

Top questions facing the Broncos

What's your top question right now?

Posted by Mile High Report: A Denver Broncos Blog on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Denver Broncos, after missing the playoffs for the first time since 2010, have plenty of questions that need answering heading into the 2017 regular season. Here are our Top 10.

  2. Will the Broncos’ defense regress with the departure of Wade Phillips?
  3. Did the Broncos upgrade the offensive line enough?
  4. Will the Broncos and John Elway come to an agreement on a contract extension?
  5. Are Jamaal Charles’ knees going to hold up?
  6. Will the Broncos interior run defensive improve?
  7. Is Shane Ray going to be as effective of a pass rusher as DeMarcus Ware?
  8. Is Carlos Henderson the answer at slot?
  9. Will Jake Butt solve the Broncos tight end problem?
  10. What kind of sack dance/celebrations will Von Miller come up with?

That’s my top 10. What are some questions you are looking to see the Broncos answer in 2017?