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Demaryius Thomas is enjoying the new offense

The Afternoon Drive talked to Demaryius Thomas about his thoughts on Mike McCoy’s offense.

NFL: Denver Broncos-OTA Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The guys from The Afternoon Drive caught up with Demaryius Thomas after practice today and asked about his thoughts so far on the “new” offense, with offensive coordinator Mike McCoy returning to Denver.

Thomas talked about how he prefers this offense as it gets he and Emmanuel open more with the kind of routes they’ll be running, and by getting TEs and RBs more involved as well.

“We’re completing a lot more passes from last year in minicamp to now, because you got so many options and you’re not getting double-teamed here, double-teamed there. Then you’ve got TEs getting healthy that’s getting open as well as backs out of the backfield. It’s an all around thing and it’s hard to choose from.”

Having more options in the passing game along with this new offense has brought the defense a new challenge as well. Thomas said he feels like they’re definitely giving the defense more of a challenge this year and both sides are “knocking heads” and trading blows.

It’s fun to hear the offense seem to have a bit more swagger to them.

Demaryius also discussed the individual players and units that have shown improvement. He was obviously asked about the quarterbacks and said both have shown improvement from last year. He specifically mentioned being able to tell that Paxton Lynch was not comfortable with the offense last year and is taking big strides in that this year.

In addition to the QBs, he said the offensive line has looked a lot more aggressive and competitive and that the players they have now bring some of that edge to the Oline, rookie Garrett Bolles being one of them.

It’s really a great listen; check out the whole thing above starting at the 2:00 mark.