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Conversation Corner: Improving the running game

The Denver Broncos have wrapped up installing, teaching, and training the roster a new offense. Will the run game improve?

NFL: Denver Broncos-OTA Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

There’s probably a pretty good amount of info to chew on regarding the moves the Broncos have made on the offensive side of the ball in order to improve on what was a woeful 2016 offense. Let’s kick it around a bit today and discuss a few points:

Adding Jamaal Charles

Do we really think adding Charles is going to be some huge boon to the run game? He’s a guy who has been dinged up for 2 years straight with knee injuries as an aging NFL RB.

In what world is this something to rest our hopes on entering a new season?

My No Bull Spidey-sense is saying a lot of Broncos Country should pump the breaks a bit. It is far more likely he doesn’t make the team or has minimal impact than he regains his glory day form and runs for 1000+ yards.

What reason do you out there in Broncos Country have to think Charles is going to bring some juice back to the husk of a run game this team is trying to evolve from?

Ron Leary + Menelik Watson + Garrett Bolles - Russel Okung = A good line?

I like the addition of Leary a ton. I think he’s a big upgrade to the offensive line and it is very likely he’s going to be there all season long.

But these other guys?

We’re hyping up a guy with some bad injury luck / history to come in and last all season at RT in a division with some of the best pass rushers in the NFL? It is just as likely we finish the season with Donald Stephenson holding down RT as Watson.

Also, is a rookie really going to solve a problem we had by cutting loose an averagish NFL left tackle. I’m sorry people, but I’m not seeing this guy being a wunderkid on the O-line. Definitely not before we’ve seen him in pads playing against NFL quality talent.

I’m not saying it is going to take much to see some serious improvement in the play of our line (cause did I mention last year’s offensive line SUCKED eggs?). But I’d like to see our fans back up a bit from Super Bowl predictions and ideas of 2 1,000 yard rushers on the roster.


This is the one area that I’m actually very excited about as far as the hopes for our offense. I’ve seen McCoy run very successful running attacks (with no serious passing game to speak of). I’ve seen him also have very prolific passing attacks.

Jeff Davidson is a quality line coach with a ton of NFL experience. He got some really good line work going in Minnesota and with the Panthers in the past.

The team is very likely to benefit from the coaching Elway has put in place on the offensive side of the ball.

I’d love to hear from those in the comments that have some red flags about McCoy or Davidson though. What problems have stuck out from their history?

Your turn

Hit up the comments below and lets talk about the running attack, offensive line, and types of plays we’ll see this year from the Denver Broncos. Add your thoughts to the conversation and let us know what you think.