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Broncos will have questions to answer in 2017

Les Shapiro was joined by Ryan Edwards while Eric Goodman was out for the day. They discussed the Broncos quarterback situation with Nick Ferguson.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Afternoon Drive brought on their regular Thursday guest, Nick Ferguson. After discussing some of the issues that plagued the team following the Super Bowl 50 win, the focus shifted to looking at the future. The ESPN power index, and Chris Harris’ poor ranking on the NFL 100 seems to have put a chip on the shoulder of the team.

A common theme in Broncos Country is disrespect. There are several questions that the Broncos’ offense needs to answer. Whether it will be able to rise to the occasion is yet to be determined. The defense, however, looks like it will have the opportunity to respond to the issues that hampered it in 2016.

Bonus Listen:

Brandon Marshall spoke to the media, and discussed the Broncos 2016 struggles, and his excitement about the upcoming season.