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Is Jamaal making the roster? Is Paxton in the lead? Inquiring minds want to know.

The Afternoon Drive put Mike Pritchard on the proverbial hot seat to talk Broncos roster battles.

New Orleans Saints v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images

The Broncos talk is a little light this time of year, so the guys at The Afternoon Drive put Mike Pritchard, former NFL wide receiver and MVP for the CU Buffs’ 1990 national championship team, on the hot seat about our favorite team in Dove Valley.

So I’m going to do a little “He said/She said” with this conversation.

#1 - Is it true Paxton Lynch “caught up” to Trevor Siemian in the QB competition?

He said:

“I heard [Lynch] made good throws there in minicamp. I heard his command and his presence on the field has changed. I have to believe he’s more talented than Trevor Siemian; that’s why they drafted him. So when does that translate on the field, when does he actually turn into an NFL quarterback? Well, that’s up to Paxton Lynch at this point. You can install, you’ve got new coaches, got a new staff’s up to him when the light bulb switches on and he’s ready to start for the Broncos.”

She said:

Oh are we talking about the quarterback competition again? The one that is NOT happening until training camp?

I really don’t give a damn who is leading right now. I don’t even give a damn who is leading in August. I just care that we have a quarterback who understands the offense, can communicate that in the huddle, not telegraph it to the opposing defense, and move the team down the field into the end zone [cough, Kyle Sloter, cough] :)

#2 - Which big-name player would you not gamble on making this roster?

He said:

“I wouldn’t touch that wager. ...I don’t think any big names are in jeopardy.”

She said:

Regarding the question - oh for Go... well, what Fletch said:

#3 - Would you bet on Jamaal Charles making the team or not making the team?

He said:

“Oh, I would bet on him not making the team to be honest with you guys. Two knee injuries...there’s a reason why the Broncos was the only destination for him. That’s a long shot. ...I just harken back to when I was in Atlanta and we signed Eric Dickerson, legendary hall-of-famer, and he lined up in the back field for us and he was just a guy wearing the same jersey, same number, same goggles. That’s all.”

She said:

Stop it. Charles will not be expected to carry the ball 30 times a game, and with Mike McCoy’s creativity, Charles is making this team.

So, Mr. Pritchard:

#4 - What about Marshawn Lynch and Adrian Peterson?

He said:

“I know Marshawn is trying to get his t-shirt sales up ... and Jack Del Rio is tweeting out highlights in shorts and helmets. Maybe he will help them out. Peterson? I don’t think he’s there to be a savior but he’s there to be a piece. Not going to be a focal part of the running game but can help them win some games.”

She said:

Marshawn and Adrian who?

#5 - If you’re a wide receiver, are you getting together with your QB right now or do you want to rest before a long season?

He said:

“Yeah, it is a long season, and I wouldn’t mind getting down and talking to together, but in terms of running routes, we’ll get that in training camp. I don’t want to tweak anything, I don’t want to strain anything. ...No.”

She said:


Who is right about Jamaal Charles making the roster?

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  • 17%
    the MVP - Charles was great in his prime but two ACL injuries is two ACL injuries.
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  • 70%
    docllv - He’s making it, so there.
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  • 11%
    (just tell me whatever poll answer is not here that you wish were an option)
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