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Von Miller voted second best player in the NFL

In a players-only ranking that most of us think is silly at best and annoying at worst, Von Miller did come in #2 overall.

NBA: Awards Show Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The players-only voting for the Top 100 players of 2017 has ended with Denver Broncos otherworldly pass rusher, Von Miller, coming in as the second best player in the NFL this year.

The video linked above is pretty cool to watch, because Miller is on his way to becoming a first ballot Hall of Famer - a rare feat for a Bronco. Philip Rivers of the Los Angeles Chargers is a quarterback Von has sacked the most and, naturally, he had a few things to say about Von in this vote.

“He’s not just a pass rusher,” Rivers said of Miller. “He is a football player. He’ll go down one day as one of the best defensive players ever to play.”

There is no disagreement here.

While I personally felt annoyed at the other two Broncos rankings on this list, with Chris Harris Jr. (#63) and Aqib Talib (#37) being ranked below many other cornerbacks on the list despite being the #1 and #2 ranked cornerbacks in the NFL last year according to Pro Football Focus. The No Fly Zone did things that have never been done, but I dealt with that annoyance by ignoring this Top 100 list as a blogger until now.

With Von Miller, they got their rankings right. He and Khalil Mack (#5) were the only defenders to make it into the Top 10. In today’s NFL, that probably makes sense.