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Oh You're Finished? Then Allow Me To Retort! Siemian vs Lynch

Thank you Denver media for providing me with absurd scenarios you apparently think will and should happen. I guess they'll give anyone a microphone and piece of paper.

NFL: Denver Broncos-Minicamp Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

10, 3, 10. No, this isn't some crazy new NBA halfcourt offense or NFL defensive front. These are the exact scores of one of the most pathetic stretches of offensive football in the modern NFL. I'm talking Tebow looking at those scores after he completes two passes and says "Dude, that's pathetic, you need Jesus!"

10 points ... 3 points ... 10 points ... And yet this is "good enough" for many. For the rest, this is the reason that a so-called QB competition this offseason is such a slam dunk for Paxton Lynch.

After all, and I'm going to paraphrase my main man Cecil Lammey:

"When I say that Trevor Siemian looks like the same guy as last year, people get mad that I'm not saying nice things about him. Well, if you like him so much, shouldn't me saying that he looks the same be a good thing? Why else would you like him if him being him is a negative?"

Well, that leads me to my latest beef with the local media. I've heard it far and wide. The notion that Siemian SHOULD and WILL start the first four-five weeks because that's the part of the schedule where the Denver Broncos need to be 3-1 or 4-1 at worst.

Wait, hold the phone. Let me remind you once again: 10, 3, 10. Do you honestly think that offensive output will get the Broncos to 3-1 or 4-1? If you do, I have some ocean front property in Montana for you to buy. What part of 10, 3, 10 gets you to 3-1 or 4-1? What part of 10, 3, 10 says "we will win the easy portion of our schedule with that stellar QB at the helm?"

Here's the thing, if 10, 3, 10 inspires confidence that Denver will win three of the first four games, then doesn't 10, 16 sound better? A low number of 10 is higher than 3. Those are the numbers from Lynch's starts, one of which occurred during that horrible stretch. Both of which occur during a) a raw rookie year, b) with very limited game prep towards his strengths, c) virtually zero reps with the starters ever, as in ever, not even in training camp.

This is why the notion of Trevor starting the year is so absurd. It really doesn't matter when or where Trevor Siemian starts, the results will be the same: 10, 3, 10. Trevor is who he is. Songs are not written about the mild-mannered guy who wants to be a real estate agent and "likes football" and who has marginal talent.

As I've said in comments before, Siemian is a Honda Civic. Sure, he's OK, comfy, and will get you from A to B safely, but there ain't no Civic winning a race. Paxton Lynch is the race car. Sure, he'll need some pit stops, maybe some duct tape to patch up a ding and dent mid-race, but the race car is built for a singular purpose: To win!

If you want to derp around the track and finish dead last or 2nd to last (as the Broncos offense did under Siemian's outstanding tutelage), then you go with Siemian. If you want that white-knuckle race car to blaze past everyone, have a few tire blowouts, but then get back in the race to give you a decent shot at winning, then you go with Paxton Lynch.

Some people like vanilla ice cream and Cheerios every day. For those, there's Siemian. Some like things that are a little more flavorful and exciting. For those, there's Paxton Lynch. Still, others like to fish with Dynamite. For those, there's Swag Kelly.

But one thing is certain: 10, 3, 10 will not, under any circumstances, give the Denver Broncos the best chance at starting the season out strong. 10, 3, 10 will piss the defense off and drive a wedge in the locker room from Week 1 going forward. So go with the guy who might throw four TDs in a game. Sure, he might throw two-three picks, but that's what competitors do, they give their all, try their asses off, and shoot for the stars! Do you want a real estate agent representing you, or Clint Eastwood, the gunslinger? Need I say more?


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