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Broncos on the NFL Top 100, does it even matter?

With the release of the top ten players for the NFL Top 100, Eric and Les discuss the outcome.

NBA: Finals-Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

First of all, the NFL Top 100 is a sham. There is no need to argue where players should have landed. The Broncos had few players on the list, and Von Miller as the number two player doesn't give the list any more credibility.

Eric and Les of the Afternoon Drive discussed the voting for this list, and they think it lacks credibility. Players don’t really have the opportunity to see other guys play on other teams. Even though many players watch, they don’t really care about these lists. So, many fans find it hard to stick with the NFL Top 100 as a show.

For the most part, fans watch for where their favorite players land on the list, and then get on Twitter to complain. If you have been paying attention, when Chris Harris, Jr. popped up at 63, it was seen as a slight. Somehow, Miller being ranked number 2 and the highest defensive player is going to fix that?

It’s clear that the NFL Top 100 is a flawed system, which indicates the results are meaningless. It feels good that Miller is so high on the list. And debating where guys should be is fun. However, there shouldn’t be too much time invested in examining a pointless list.