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Will Parks has had a rough week

The Denver Broncos second-year safety has not have a very good week, but he should be okay.

Just a few days after Will Parks dropped a SnapChat clip of two very unsavory passes from Paxton Lynch, the Denver Broncos let it be known that they were disappointed that the video was shared, but they would not be taking action again him for the transgression.

Brandon Perna from That’s Good Broncos discussed that situation, but then Parks went and got himself into some trouble back in March for misdemeanor domestic violence. The threats he made against the woman were completely unacceptable. Mike Klis of 9News covered the entire timeline of events when he broke the news of Parks’ March arrest on Friday.

I won’t comment on why this news suddenly broke two days after Parks embarrassed the Broncos organization, but that is something that can be tin foil hatted in the comments section.

As it stands, Parks has had a very rough week. He should be okay, though. Well, outside of being accused of breaking the law anyway...