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Von Miller hosts Pass Rush Summit for other NFL players

NFL quarterbacks can’t be happy about this.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Von Miller has talked this off season about being 100% focused on football, now that he doesn’t have the distractions of just winning Super Bowl MVP swirling around him.

He’s made good on that talk so far, and is paying it forward to some other players in the league as well. Yesterday, Miller hosted his first annual Von Miller Pass Rush Summit at Stanford University and the invite list was a who’s who of pass rushers that is bound to make quarterbacks all across the league a little nervous.

Pass rushers like Vic Beasely, Kalil Mack, Dee Ford, Oliver Vernon, and Shane Ray were all in attendance; and of course former Bronco, DeMarcus Ware.

Miller has always been a guy who enjoys connecting with other players around the league, especially pass rushers. The Denver Post recalled a conversation with Von from last year where he talked about the fraternity of pass rushers in the AFC West.

“Me and Melvin Ingram from the San Diego Chargers, we spend a lot of time together,” Miller said last season. “We talk about moves, approaches, mindset and focus. What it takes to get those high sack numbers. Me and Melvin, there is a guy on every single team that you can really speak their language with. Especially in the AFC West — Justin Houston, Khalil Mack and Melvin Ingram. It’s a little fraternity there. We all speak the same language.”

Hopefully, Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian are ok with this. Some might think this could be a conflict of interest, but Miller addressed that as well.

“A sack is a sack. I’m going to get sacks, they’re going to get sacks,” Miller said. “You really can’t stop that. You really benefit more from really just sharing that knowledge and just trying to be the best players that you can possibly be. I remember Justin Houston, two years ago when he had 22 sacks, he had a little jab-step swipe with double hands and he went off with that move. Watching film and asking him about that move and that was one of my moves back then as well.

Our friends at Arrowhead Pride even took notice.

Personally, I love that the Broncos have such a leader in the league who is looked at as the foremost expert on pass rushing.

Heck, even he shows all the players his moves, there isn’t a guy in the league with the athletic ability and bend to execute them at the level the Von Miller does.