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T.J. Ward calls 2016 a Super Bowl transition year; not a hangover

Not a bad way to put it. The Denver Broncos defense is greedy for a statement season in 2017.

The 2016 season was a bit of a down year for the Denver Broncos. Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro on The Afternoon Drive caught up with T.J. Ward to discuss how that Super Bowl hangover affected the team, but also talked rookies and OTA’s.

Clearly Ward and the defense are ready for 2017 and want to make some statements to the league this season. He is loving the competitiveness between the offense and defense during OTA’s. Ward also thinks this defense is better this season than they’ve ever been. Got to love hearing that.

Bonus Listen

Mike Pritchard also weighed on in the Broncos OTA’s with Eric and Les. They discussed the Will Parks video, which is funny because its really not a huge deal that he posted that but it is all the local media seems to want to talk about now. Just let us fans have fun with it and let the Broncos make sure Parks knows never to do it again.