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Jamaal Charles writes about the new chapter in his career

There is not much about Jamaal Charles that Denver Broncos fans won’t like. We hope he emerges as the NFL’s comeback player of the year in 2017.

NFL: Denver Broncos-OTA Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll be honest. I never looked past Jamaal Charles as a player for the Kansas City Chiefs that burned my Denver Broncos every year for nine years. I never knew he grew up a Broncos fan whose favorite players were John Elway and Terrell Davis. If I had, maybe my disdain for his dismantling of my favorite teams defenses had been measured respect.

As a Broncos fan, Charles knows what this organization is about and the legacy he will be playing for. In his recent blog post, he talks extensively about what this new chapter of his career means and why the Broncos were the perfect place for him to start it.

I’m truly happy to be a part of the Broncos organization.

Before I got to the NFL, I really liked the Broncos growing up, as a fan. Specifically, I’ve been big fan of John Elway since high school. I loved the way he played the game. He was a great player, one of the best of all time at the quarterback position, or really at any position. I remember so well watching when they won the Super Bowl two years in a row at the end of his career. I’m with the Broncos now hoping to do the same type of thing.

It does seem a little crazy to have him, a guy who I grew up watching and rooting for, signing me to play here in Denver. It’s a blessing for me. I’m really just thrilled about getting the opportunity to come here and to show people what I have left and help this team. No doubt the fact that it was John Elway making the decision made it even more special.

There’s a great tradition and legacy of success here in Denver, both with John and at the running back position. Specifically with another Hall of Famer, Terrell Davis. My hope is I can come here, do my job, contribute to wins, and add to the legacy. I’m really simply so happy to be out here, healthy, and be a Denver Bronco.

As the true class act he is, Charles goes on to thank the Kansas City, its fans and organization, for the nine successful seasons he had with them. He also talked about his family and what this new chapter means to them. Really, the entire piece is must-read for both Bronco and Chief fans.

As far as why Charles is here in Denver, he is here to prove he isn’t done in the NFL just yet.

There’s definitely a fire in me. I have something to prove. I go into every year with that mindset, but I definitely feel like that element is even bigger this year, and I like it.

This organization is fantastic. I haven’t been here long, but you can see why they’re a championship franchise, why they’re going to the playoffs pretty much every year. They prepare their players and take care of their players.

I’m excited to be a Bronco! I’m going to give my all and then some, leave it absolutely all on the field.

Given he is likely a surefire Hall of Fame talent from his career accomplishments through nine years, adding a few more impactful seasons and maybe a Super Bowl championship would all but seal the deal for that gold jacket.

Like Neil Smith and Peyton Manning before him, I’d want nothing more than to send him riding off into the sunset as a champion. Glad he’s a Bronco!

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