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Broncos roster 2017: Bennie Fowler

Get your goat, act a goat or catch your G.O.A.T. Bennie Fowler only plays for keeps.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Who did Peyton Manning throw to with the Super Bowl on the line?

The final pass of his storied career. I rest my case, your honor.

Name: Bennie Fowler
Position: Wide Receiver
Height: 6'1" Weight: 212
Age: 25 Experience: 3rd
College: Michigan State

You've probably counted Bennie Fowler out more than you've counted him in. But his catches are a literal highlight reel and he's approaching his fourth season going head-to-head with Chris Harris Jr. every day in practice.

I wouldn't count him out even if Denver drafted three rookie wide receivers.

Maybe there's just something that they do at Beverly Hills Detroit County Day High (in Michigan):

The Good

What's not good? And don't say the quarterback, we've had about enough of that. Fowler has been my favorite camp receiver every season, except for the Jordan Taylor year. You guys remember the one.

He had a touchdown on 18% of his catches last season (11 catches, 2 touchdowns). He caught 100% of his targets in four games last season as well (13 games). Although his 76-yard touchdown catch became a point of contention for fans.

I told you that practically every catch that he has is a highlight.

You will also remember that he was the only member of the Broncos to stop Tyreek Hill last season.

Oh, and he will push Cody Latimer for special teams captain in training camp.

The Bad

You guys like economics majors, right? Oh, come on... John Elway was an economics major at Stanford, Fowler majored in economics at Michigan State. Well, if you guys don't like that, Elway certainly does, because Fowler only had 11 touchdowns in four seasons at Michigan State. He's only had 2 as a professional. In eight years of receiving since high school Fowler has amassed 13 touchdowns. 

His career catch percentage is 54.9% which last season would have made him the 82nd best wide receiver. Just behind the Oakland Raiders Amari Cooper.


"We're all versatile. We all have different body types. I can play inside and outside. 'Sunshine' [Jordan Taylor] has a great radius for the ball. Cody [Latimer] has the strongest hands on the team in my opinion. We all bring different things."


Not as bad as some of the haters would have you believe. Denver drafted not one, but two wide receivers this year (Carlos Henderson (3rd round) and Isaiah McKenzie (5th round)). So, if we are to assume both players make the team, Demaryius Thomas and Emanuel Sanders account for a large chunk of Denver's guaranteed money this season...

That leaves a battle for one, maybe two spots between Fowler, Latimer, Taylor, Marlon Brown and Khalif Raymond. Raymond has practice squad eligibility left, cutting Latimer saves $925,000 this season and Taylor does not play special teams. Both Taylor (ERFA) and Fowler (RFA) are tied to the Broncos for this season and next season at least.

Given that information and the fact that Fowler plays slot. A position that only Latimer, Henderson, Sanders and Raymond play. I'd say if Fowler shows any extra ability this season for special teams he's the guy over Latimer. And they'll make room for Taylor.