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Broncos are holding a passing camp in Los Angeles

Paxton Lynch, Trevor Siemian, and the rest of the Broncos offense is in L.A. right now getting ready for the start of Training Camp.

NFL: Denver Broncos-Minicamp Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

It was rumored a few days ago that Broncos veteran wide receiver Demaryius Thomas was working on setting up a passing camp for the Broncos offense. Well, it appears that plan went through and a number of the Broncos key offensive contributors are in L.A. right now getting ready for the start of Training Camp.

It is very safe to assume that both Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian are in attendance as they are just a little over two weeks away from beginning their battle for the Broncos starting quarterback job. I would imagine all three of the Broncos tight ends, rookie Carlos Henderson, and a number of the Broncos running backs there as well.

The Denver Post’s Nick Jhabvala indicated that Emmanuel Sanders would be joining the group on Wednesday as well.

Demaryius Thomas recently told reporters that he wants a “quick resolution” to the Broncos quarterback battle, so this passing camp could help speed up the process some. Or at least help Thomas make up his mind on who he believes should be the starter in 2017.

As we know, the Broncos offense really struggled in 2016 and are now looking to step up their game while learning a new offense. So any extra time spent with each other should be seen as a positive and hopefully carries over to the start of Training Camp.

This continues a streak of the Broncos offense meeting during the offseason for a passing camp of sorts. Peyton Manning always had his workouts at Duke and last season Mark Sanchez also had his workouts on the beaches of California(That sure worked out well for him).

This passing camp is much later into the offseason as the others, but hopefully, it pays off for all who are in attendance.