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John Elway tips his hand on his preference for Broncos QB

There really is no getting away from the quarterback debate in Denver. Every sound bite and video is analyzed to the hilt.

Oregon State v Stanford Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

This will be no different. John Elway appeared on the Dan Patrick Show on Friday morning. Elway is spending the weekend at Lake Tahoe playing in the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship Tournament. Elway was asked some interesting questions, and had some interesting answers.

Perhaps the most intriguing answer Elway gave was in regards to what he looks for when looking at quarterbacks. The way he answered was very telling.

“I try to give that quarterback the best chance to be successful, and that’s getting him in the right system that fits him the best. Not necessarily the one that a coach has run his whole life, but also to be able to take advantage of what the quarterback does best.”

There has been some speculation that this was one of the reasons that Gary Kubiak “retired.” His health was a factor, but there are some obvious differences between what Elway and Kubiak wanted from, and for, the quarterback position.

“Quarterbacks in this league to be successful have to be in situations where they’re given the best opportunity for them to succeed, and that’s doing what they do best.”

Bringing in Mike McCoy and Bill Musgrave was part of putting the quarterback into the situation that will help him succeed. Unfortunately for Trevor Siemian, Kubiak was his biggest fan. This seems to point to Paxton Lynch being the reason for the major changes to the coaching staff.

The only way to read Elway’s statement is to assume that the Broncos will be changing quarterbacks in 2017. It is possible that Siemian could get the start early, but Lynch will likely be the starting quarterback sooner rather than later.

Coupling his interview with Dan Patrick, and statements by players like Demaryius Thomas and Chris Harris, Jr., it appears the Broncos are ready for Lynch to take the lead. The competition is not over, and Siemian has the support of the locker room. Nothing is decided at this point. However, there is a clear desire to get a decision made early.

Elway may have tipped his hand, and shown his preference. There was a clear rift between the GM and Kubiak. The stubbornness of the former head coach was likely his downfall. Elway’s statement about finding a coach who could cater his scheme to the quarterback’s skill set was a subtle shot at Kubiak. It may not have been intentional, but it was hard to miss.

The decision on which young quarterback will be starting hasn’t been officially made, but the outcome appears to be inevitable.