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Who are the most valuable members of the Broncos organization?

The Afternoon Drive discusses who the key pieces are for the Broncos organization

Denver Broncos Introduce Vance Joseph - News Conference Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The Afternoon Drive had an interesting conversation today about John Elway’s contract situation, and his value to Broncos organization, and also the state of Colorado.

This led to a question that Eric and Les discussed that I would like to pose to Broncos Country:

Who are the three most valuable members of the Broncos organization?

Eric and Les’ lists were both very similar, and similar to mine as well. Both listed John Elway and Von Miller. These two make perfect sense and John is the architect of the team and the face of the organization to the community in many respects, not to mention the constant leadership and stability he has brought to the organization since re-joining in 2011.

Von earns the right to be up there because of not only his play on the field, but also the fact that he has truly embraced the role of “franchise player” since Manning left and even before that. Miller represents the Broncos well both on and off the field and is the recognized face of the franchise.

The third person was different for both Eric and Les. Eric mentioned Patrick Smyth, the Broncos Executive VP of Public Relations, who is excellent at his job. Les mentioned President Joe Ellis. Both belong in the conversation.

Here is my list:

John Elway

Von Miller

Mike Sullivan

Why do I list Mike Sullivan here? Sullivan’s official title is the Director of Football administration. He is responsible for the contract negotiations, player contract structures, and the salary cap. Under his watch, Denver has signed home grown players to below market discounts, successfully locked up their aforementioned face of the franchise to a long-term deal, and have avoided crippling dead money contracts, keeping Denver competitive throughout his tenure with the organization.

There are obviously many people that could fit into the category of most valuable people in the organization, we didn’t even mention any coaches.

I’m curious what your list would be, Broncos Country?

Sound off in the comments. Let’s discuss!