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What is the most memorable Broncos moment?

With so many to choose from, which moment sticks out the most to you?

NFL: Super Bowl 50-Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Afternoon Drive had a great discussion about Colorado sports memories. Ryan Edwards filled for Eric Goodman. He and Les Shapiro took a little trip down memory lane. Which sports moment in Denver is the most memorable?

Every Bronco fan out there has to have a memory that sticks out in their mind. That one moment that will forever be ingrained in their soul as the biggest, most important, first memory they have. The question brings us all down memory lane, as we get a chance to relive moments that stay with us.

For what it’s worth, deciding on one moment may be too difficult for longtime fans. Where do I begin? Elway to Jackson to cap off The Drive? The Fumble? Steve Atwater blowing up Christian Okoye? The countless encounters with players during training camp in Greeley? Decorating my kindergarten classroom before losing to the Giants in the Super Bowl, only to not decorate my first-grade classroom the next year?

One that truly stands out is watching the Broncos play Green Bay in Super Bowl XXXII. Eddie Mac’s block, John Elway’s helicopter, and “Oh baby! We’re going to win this thing!” My poor grandmother must have soaked her depends because she wasn’t allowed to move for fear of a jinx.

Take a walk with MHR down nostalgia lane. What is your first Broncos memory? What is the memory that sticks out the most?

Bonus Listen:

Ryan and Les take some time to talk about Chad Kelly. Is he the dark horse who could step into the starting role over both Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch?