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Of course John Elway agreed to an extension

The excitement is real for Bronco fans. John Elway has signed a 5-year extension, but is this really a non-story?

NFL: Preseason-Denver Broncos at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Goodman of the Afternoon Drive raised an interesting question about the John Elway extension. Is this really not a big story? Is it possible that the only real story would have been if Elway had chosen not to stay with the Denver Broncos?

The idea of John Elway not being a part of the organization is one that makes most in Broncos Country cringe. Just thinking about him leaving Denver to possibly work in Los Angelos for Stan Kroenke produced gag reflexes all over Colorado. Still, before Elway agreed to this new contract some feared the pull of LA would be too big.

Remember, John is a California kid. He grew up there, and went to college there. When he came into the NFL he wanted to be on a team in the west. Denver was as far west as he got, and he has been a fixture in the Colorado landscape ever since.

The idea of Elway leaving Denver brought fear to the hearts of some. However, the reality was that he was never really going anywhere. He is a Bronco. He will always be a Bronco, and he will likely finish his career in Denver. He may even work out an ownership deal before his new 5 year contract is up.

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