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Broncos got a steal with Allen Barbre

Eric and Les discuss the recent trade for the Eagles guard and so far it’s looking really good for Denver.

Cleveland Browns v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

On their show yesterday, Eric and Les discussed the recent trade Denver made with the Philadelphia Eagles for guard, Allen Barbre.

Both guys were excited about the move, and Eric shared some interesting nuggets from some insiders who know Barbre.

According to a local broadcaster in the Philadelphia area, Denver got “a steal” with Allen Barbre. The source went on to say he was a “late-bloomer” in the NFL. Barbre has been in the league ten years and just recently seems to have found his groove as a starter over the last two seasons; and has done very well since then.

Another source Eric talked to said he heard from an Eagles star player that the Eagles got “ripped off” in the trade, because they think so highly of Barbre.

Check out the full conversation starting around the 4:15 mark.

I was already excited about Denver bringing this guy in to compete, but after hearing all this and digging into it a little, I think they may have found another veteran starter to form what would be a formidable middle of the offensive line with Barbre/Paradis/Leary.

Should be fun to watch what happens as training camp unfolds. One thing is certain, John Elway is never satisfied with where things are at, and will always look to upgrade the roster when given the opportunity.