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Football is back to save our souls

Amen and hallelujah.

Good morning, Broncos Country!

The 2017 football season has officially begun.


And choosing baptism by fire on the first day of Training Camp, new head coach Vance Joseph challenged his congregation at the altar, daring it to cross the threshold to the promised land - otherwise known as the red zone - time and time again.


It was no time of reckoning just yet, as rookies and veterans must wait a few weeks for Judgment Day, but rather a time to reflect on the power of the Good Playbook and all that is hole-y.

Lawd, have mercy on our football souls.

Ah, but there will be no mercy as the Broncos must atone for their sins of the season past (the one in which they squandered their defensive gifts and allowed faith in false plays to lead them astray).

Forgive them their pass interferences.

So we in Broncos Country take a knee (to recall even darker times of the past) and pray that the God of Sacks will deliver us from evil once more, restoring power and glory to Mile High.

TYJE & Amen.

Quotes of the day

“I felt good. It feels good to be back. I’ll feel even better on Sunday when we’re putting on pads; I don’t look good in this hoodie. I can’t wait until Sunday to be honest with you. I haven’t practiced in a very long time, so it just felt good to get out here and run around.” - C.J. Anderson

“I definitely feel we came out with a better spark this year for sure. You can definitely tell that this team is on a mission. It’s the way we practice, and it’s carried over from OTAs and minicamp. ...We didn’t bring up last year, we’re starting fresh - a clean slate.” - T.J. Ward

“I think we’ve got a really good room. [Quarterback Coach] Bill Musgrave is leading the circus in there and he’s doing a good job. We’re really lucky to have him. ...We’re not hiding information from one another. We’ve got a good thing going and we’re competing. We’re pushing each other. It’s a good deal for us.” - Trevor Siemian

“Last year, we came back lackadaisical. This year, it’s regular. A lot of guys are hungry. That’s what every team in the league is right now, except for the Super Bowl Champions. Well, maybe the Super Bowl Champions are. ...A lot of guys are hungry. We’re getting back to where we want to be.” We’re getting back to where we want to be.” -Aqib Talib

“I’ve just always been a guy who gets excited because he’s playing football every day. I’ve just always been taught to go celebrate with your teammates. Don’t be the guy in the end zone by yourself when all your teammates are trying to celebrate with you and you’re doing some crazy stuff. I just like celebrating with the guys around me because they helped me succeed.” - Paxton Lynch

MHR Hall of Fame 2017!

Don’t forget to get your nominations in (and recs!) for the most deserving Broncos.

To cast your nomination for early-era Broncos, go here.

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To cast your nomination for authors and members, you’re just going to have to wait :)

That Sloter kid looked pretty good

Don’t look now, but doc’s favorite rookie Kyle Sloter is making case for staying on this team.

Although Scotty’s Day 1 camp report was excellent, he left out much mention of the UDFA QB. And based on unofficial fan observation data, Sloter went 14 for 16 and threw multiple TDs with just one INT in the red zone work.

Sloter paired up with fellow rookie De’Angelo Henderson - who could be legitimately competing for a No. 3 RB spot now that Devontae Booker is out six to eight weeks for a wrist injury - who made a diving catch in the end zone during a 7-on-7 period.

With some nice placement on his passes, Sloter could be vying for the practice squad, or even...well, you know where I’m going with that.

Horse Tracks - docllv’s pick of the day

What that study about the decline in football viewership actually says - The Washington Post
It's misleading to blame it on the protests.

Horse Tracks

Competition between Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch begins in the red zone
The red zone is where the battle started. Where will it end?

T.J. Ward says Broncos haven't approached him about new contract
Ward is one of 35 Broncos players set to hit the open market in 2018.

Elway and Ellis: No question Pat Bowlen deserves to be in Hall of Fame
Will Pat Bowlen be announced as the next Pro Football Hall of Fame finalist from the Broncos? John Elway and Joe Ellis hope so.

Broncos Training Camp Quick Hits: Day 1
The tempo was quick and for Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian, the windows were small as the Broncos emphasized red-zone work to open their 58th training camp Thursday.

iHeartMedia Denver market announces the debut of the new Orange and Blue Radio
The radio programming will begin effective immediately.

Broncos eager to put pads on, Bradley Roby talks CB trio, more
Sunday will be the Broncos' first training camp practice in full pads, a day coach Vance Joseph and his players have circled on their calendar.

Denver Broncos fueled by new edge after Super Bowl hangover -
Aqib Talib admits last year's Broncos fell into a trap after winning Super Bowl 50, but he tells Michael Silver the team will have a new 'edge' in 2017.

'It's a great thing' to have Gary Kubiak back in the Broncos organization
When you consider all the Broncos have accomplished with John Elway and Gary Kubiak working together, it's a no-brainer that their partnership should continue.

For Ravens’ John Urschel, Playing in the N.F.L. No Longer Adds Up - The New York Times John Urschel, who has pursued a doctorate in math at M.I.T., retired a couple of days after a report on a brain disease linked to repeated hits to the head.

Cam hopes to bounce back from 2016 nightmare -
For Cam Newton, the nightmare remains a vivid one. Carolina's quarterback -- an MVP two seasons ago -- has yet to wipe the memory of last year's ultra-rocky campaign.

Le'Veon Bell wants to be paid like a No. 1 RB and No. 2 WR, but is he worth it? - 2017, Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers' star would like to be paid like a No. 1 RB and a No. 2 WR ... combined. But what's his market value? And which teams could be in the running next offseason?

Shanahan responds to Ryan's slow play-calling critique -
There are several parties to blame when dissecting Atlanta's collapse to the Pats. While Kyle Shanahan was mostly blamed for being too aggressive late in the game, Matt Ryan added another critique.

Offensive lineman Orlando Franklin signs with Saints -
The New Orleans Saints have signed another offensive lineman to bolster the group that protects franchise quarterback Drew Brees. The Saints signed Orlando Franklin after a quick visit.

Odell Beckham: I want to be NFL's highest-paid player -
Even though Odell Beckham is still two years out from free agency, he's making his feelings known already that he wants to get paid. And he is not settling for the title of highest-paid WR, either.


Player most interested in hearing about from camp today?

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    Carlos Henderson
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  • 5%
    Von Miller
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  • 2%
    Derek Wolfe
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    "docllv" (aka, Kyle Sloter)
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