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Horse Tracks: Denver Broncos and the rest of the NFL are on vacation

Is there anybody out there?

AFC Divisional Playoffs: New England Patriots v Denver Broncos Photo by Michael Heiman/Getty Images

When it comes to NFL news, things get slow in July. Everyone is on vacation and with minicamps just having wrapped up in the last couple weeks, nobody is itching to get in any sort of trouble... yet. However, it would appear that no days are slower for NFL news than the ones that fall in the middle of a 4-day 4th of July weekend.

Click around on the go-to NFL news sites and you’ll see that many haven’t added content since Friday. I have to give kudos to, in lieu of news they currently have two articles breaking down Amazon’s series All or Nothing. When there ain’t any news, they went out and dug some up anyway.

All or Nothing shields much of Jeff Fisher’s firing from view | ProFootballTalk
The second season of Amazon's All or Nothing includes the inherently compelling aftermath of the firing of a head coach, but it doesn't go far enough.

After warning from referee, Fisher told defensive players to “crank it up even more” | ProFootballTalk
Over the years, teams coached by Jeff Fisher have had a reputation for being chippy to the point, at times, of dirty. And Fisher for the most part hasn't been criticized for his role as the captain of a ship of fools. One specific scene from All or Nothing could change that perception.

It’s probably a good thing nothing is going on. These next couple days are for celebrating what makes our country great outside of the most awesome sport on the planet. Fire up them hot dogs, crack open a cold one, and put on some ill fitting flag-related attire... and don’t forget your best Broncos hat.

Go Broncos!


NBA free agency: Paul Millsap wooed by Nuggets — and Broncos, too | NBA | Sporting News
A high-level team of Nuggets reps were in Atlanta on Saturday, zeroing in on Millsap, who would be an immediate frontcourt upgrade.

Giants 2017 Schedule Preview: Denver Broncos - Big Blue View
Denver defense a big test for Giants’ offense

The full Derek Carr details | ProFootballTalk
It's taken a little longer than usual, but finally the full and complete Derek Carr contract details have emerged. And, as usual, the details confirm some reports regarding the deal -- and debunk others. For now, the specifics: 1. Signing bonus of $12.

Ravens lead the NFL in drug suspensions | ProFootballTalk
The Ravens lead the league in one stat they'd prefer not to: Suspensions for failed drug tests. When Ravens tight end Darren Waller was suspended for the full 2017 season last week, it marked his second suspension and the 13th total suspension, coming from 10 different players, that the Ravens ha...

Tom Brady breaks his media silence, finally addresses Gisele's concussion claim -
Did the Patriots quarterback suffer a concussion in 2016?

Sammy Watkins of Buffalo Bills hopes for bigger paydays in wake of mammoth NBA contracts
Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins is promoting for him and fellow NFL players to get paid like NBA stars.