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Roby: Don’t expect Broncos QBs to look like Tom Brady against the No Fly Zone in camp

Because even Tom Brady doesn’t look good against them.

NFL: Denver Broncos-Training Camp Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Bradley Roby, a fourth-year cornerback who was just ranked 150th of the top 400 players in the NFL by MMQB, wants fans and media to understand it’s not easy for the Broncos quarterbacks to deal with the No Fly Zone.

So don’t worry too much about the interceptions and batted-down passes during training camp, he tells The Afternoon Drive.

That’s just the secondary making the offense better.

“You can’t expect guys to go out and look like Tom Brady against us,” he said. “Tom Brady doesn’t even look like Tom Brady versus us.”

And he has a good point.

The Broncos sacked, hit or hurried Brady on 45 percent of his dropbacks when the two teams met in 2015. When pressured by the Broncos, Brady completed his passes just 32 percent of the time, compared to 53 percent when other teams pressured him. And when Brady was blitzed by the Broncos, he hit his targets 29 percent of the time (compared to 64 percent against his other opponents).

So, Tom Brady is definitely not Tom Brady against this No Fly Zone.

A good NFZ test every day is a good thing for this offense too. After all, it’s not like they will be facing weak defenses this season.

“Them going against us every day will get them more prepared for what the games are like,” Roby added. “I always feel like you should work harder and put more pressure on yourself in practice so when you get to the game, it is easy.”

Roby tries to follow that advice for his own goals, noting that he doesn’t care about rankings, only about making plays.

And he’s smart enough to not be bothered by the fact that he doesn’t get the same attention as Aqib Talib and Chris Harris Jr. - he hasn’t done what they’ve done yet, either.

“I’m in the shadows but it’s all good; they’ve got established names and been in the league a long time,” the fourth-year defensive back said. “At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that I make those plays. My attitude is make them recognize me, make them give me those accolades. I just want to win, make turnovers and get paid. As long as that happens, I don’t care about who gets the glory.”

Roby is also smart enough to be diplomatic about the quarterback debate.

“Both have good days and bad days. It’s the beginning of camp. We’ll see,” Roby said in response to a question about which quarterback is “leading” the competition. “Whoever goes out there and balls on that field is going to be the starter.”

I told you Roby was smart.


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