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Broncos vs Bears first quarter update: Broncos defense flexes its muscles early

Here’s how things went for the Denver Broncos in the first quarter against the Chicago Bears

NFL: Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos took the field for the first time this season on the road against the Chicago Bears.

The Bears received the opening kickoff and after a nice run stop, the Broncos broke up a pass at the first down marker. On third down, Mike Glennon was hit as he threw and the pass was picked off by Chris Harris Jr. and taken all the way back for a touchdown.

Broncos 7, Bears 0.

Nice start for the No Fly Zone.

After a personal foul by the Broncos on the kickoff, the Bears had excellent field possession. However, the defense refused to give an inch and a batted pass on third down gave the Broncos offense their first opportunity in this game.

Trevor Siemian got the nod to start in this game and played the entire first quarter. On first down, Siemian had a clean pocket, but didn’t make a decision fast enough and was sacked. Menelik Watson was the tackle who ultimately gave up the sack.

After a short run from C.J. Anderson, Siemian hit Demaryius Thomas right at the sticks for a first down. The throw arrived right on time and Thomas made the catch getting sandwiched by two defenders.

Siemian went deep a few plays later, but the ball was a bit underthrown to Emmanuel Sanders who was interfered with, but a hands to the face penalty on the offense offset the play.

After several personal fouls on the defense, Siemian and the Broncos advanced 40-yards on penalty to get into field goal range. After a penalty and a run, Siemian held the ball too long again and had pressure in his face. A holding penalty was called on Max Garcia anyway and the Broncos were forced to kick a field goal.

Broncos 10, Bears 0.

After a huge kick return by the Bears, a bad snap on third down resulted in a fumble recovery by rookie Broncos safety Jamaal Carter.

However, on third and five, Siemian threw the ball two yards short of the sticks to Jordan Taylor to force a punt.

A great punt from Riley Dixon set the Bears up inside their own 10-yard line and with the second-team defense out there the Bears hoped to get something going. The quarter ended with the Bears putting together a nice drive as they neared midfield.

Unfortunately, Broncos defensive end Billy Winn went down with an apparently knee injury that was significant enough for the cart to come out. You could see the pain in his eyes and this is an injury that has us worried. It did not look good and to have it happen during a pointless preseason game...