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Broncos vs Bears final score: Same old offense ineptitude, defensive dominance

2017 is looking a whole lot like 2016, with a dominant first-team defense and a frustratingly inefficient first-second-third team offense.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The first preseason game of the 2017 season for the Denver Broncos was a good one against the Chicago Bears for the first team defense, while the offense kind of looked a lot like the last years’ offense early on. One thing that stood out early on was the Broncos run game, which seemed to be more efficient in this game than it was last season.

First Quarter

One minute into the game, Mike Glennon tossed up a duck that landed right in the arms of Chris Harris Jr. who returned it 50-yards for the touchdown. The Broncos starters on defense were done after two series and completely dominated, giving up just five total yards and that touchdown.

On Trevor Siemian’s first drive the Broncos offense was aided by 40-yards in penalties on the Bears, but inside the red zone he couldn’t get a pass off and it wouldn’t have mattered as Max Garcia was called for holding penalty. Even so, the offense helped the team to a 10-0 lead midway through the first quarter.

Unfortunately, the quarter ended with a bad knee injury to Billy Winn who had to be carted off the field - something you never want to see in a preseason game.

Broncos 10, Bears 0.

Second Quarter

Siemian’s final drive was his best as he completed every pass, but the drive stalled after Stevan Ridley was stuffed on a third and one rush. Fortunately, Mark Sanchez came into the game for the Bears and promptly went three-and-out to give the Broncos their first look at Paxton Lynch in live game action in 2017 mid-way through the second quarter.

And then Lynch promptly went three-and-out in his first series. Lynch would go on to be fairly unimpressive behind a porous offensive line and an inept running game. Meanwhile, Mitchell Trubisky came out and drove the Bears down the field for a touchdown against the Broncos second and third team defenders.

Broncos 10, Bears 7.

Third Quarter

After a nice completion from Lynch to start the second-half and another short one to setup a third and give, Lynch overthrew Cody Latimer deep down the sideline. A better pass would have been caught.

Meanwhile, Mitchell Trubisky kind of showed up Lynch leading the Bears to touchdown drives in back-to-back drives in the second quarter and to start the third quarter.

Lynch finally got some momentum going on the next drive, with several solid passes and scrambles to get the Broncos out past midfield. On fourth down and a yard and half, Mike McCoy forces a run after calling a timeout when Lynch audibled at the line. It failed. Perhaps Lynch should have been allowed to play things out there.

Then again, it’s the preseason and McCoy knew how much the inside run game has languished in recent seasons and he’s trying to find a way to get some success out of that during the regular season.

Even so, perhaps the second-team isn’t the place to test those theories. Rather, try it out with the first-team.

Bears 14, Broncos 10.

Fourth Quarter

The boring part of the first presesason game started here, although, Trubisky would start the fourth quarter and deliver another scoring drive.

Bears 17, Broncos 10.

Kyle Sloter entered the game at this point. And naturally, Sloter would actually get a drive together and put up some points - sending the #TeamSloter crowd to the moon and back. De’Angelo Henderson had himself several really good runs on this drive too. Hopefully, we’ll see a lot more of him in other preseason games.

Broncos 17, Bears 17.

After a three and out from Trubisky, it was the Kyle Sloter show again. He got the team down near the red zone, but penalties and a porous pass protection knocked them out of field goal range with less than two minutes left in the game.

On third and 22, Henderson burst through the line and scampered all the way for a 41-yard touchdown run, probably locking down a roster spot to for this season.

Broncos 24, Bears 17.

Trubisky, with less than two minutes to play, got his team close, but ran out of time inside the Broncos red zone.