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Broncos need to name Trevor Siemian the starting quarterback immediately

Fans shouldn’t get too excited. Quarterback play will be frustrating to watch this season, but it’s clear Paxton Lynch isn’t ready.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest thing we learned from Thursday’s nights win over the Chicago Bears is that the Denver Broncos will not have improved quarterback in play 2017. Trevor Siemian was the same dink and dunk, extremely safe thrower who will take sacks while holding onto the ball too long. Meanwhile, Paxton Lynch kind of looked like Tim Tebow out there - without the flare for dramatic comebacks.

Which means, Siemian should be - and will be - the starter this season. The Broncos should just be done with it and get him as many reps in this offense as possible before Week 1 of the regular season.

John Elway whiffed big time with Lynch, but it isn’t really his fault. At the Broncos draft position that year, Lynch really was the only option. He was called a multi-year project and while I tend to roll my eyes at those kinds of pre-draft analyses, it appears spot on in Lynch’s case.

Sure it was only one preseason game, but we all expected to see something from both quarterbacks that didn’t equal exactly what we saw from each of them last season. That was quite troubling.

Technically, there is one more preseason game where Lynch might be able to “win the job”, but it is highly unlikely in my opinion. The problems with his throwing mechanics are still there and no way will he have them “fixed” by next week. He clearly needs another year to continue to develop, so the Broncos need to go all-in on Siemian immediately.


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