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Broncos need to name Paxton Lynch the starter

It must be time to pack it in. The Broncos QB situation is apocalyptic.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Or maybe everyone needs to just relax. Not to steal from Aaron Rodgers, but this explosion of panic is embarrassing. Yes, my eyes told me both Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian were bad against the Chicago Bears. And yes, it makes it hard for fans to get excited when the offense continues to look like hot garbage, but chill.

One preseason game in, with a new offensive scheme, what did you expect? Really examine your inner soul. How high did you have the bar? Was it maybe just a little too high? Higher than 3 points? Were you, as a fan, just a touch unrealistic in what you thought was going to happen against the Bears.

The Denver Broncos are not trotting out an all-pro QB this season. Siemian and Lynch are both young, and less than ready for primetime. To look on Twitter, it would be hard to think that Denver was 9-7 last season, just barely out of the playoffs.

The season isn’t over, and it is not time to pack it in. However, there is one thing Denver must do now. Name Lynch the starter. He was terrible against the Bears. His throws were high, his decision making was Tebow-esque, as in slow, and he was unprepared. None of that matters.

Baptism by fire. For all the fans clamoring for Trevor Siemian to start, the first preseason should have shed some light on one major point. Trevor is Trevor. Siemian will never get much better than he is right now. He is a nice option as a backup, and nothing more. So, why not put Lynch out there. Go through the growing pains and see what you have.

There is a desire to not “waste” the defense. I feel it, too. But the Broncos do not have a quarterback on the roster that will win a Super Bowl this year. Does that mean this season is a waste? Only if you come away from 2017 still unsure what you have at QB. The only way to know what Lynch will be is to start him.

It will be horribly ugly. There will be some terrible lowlights. Interceptions, fumbled snaps, missed receivers down field, and maybe even an Elway-like lining up under guard. It won’t be pretty. But at times it will be glorious.

Lynch will have moments of shear brilliance. He will evade the rush, extend the play, and make an unreal throw to a streaking receiver. Fans will shake their heads in wonder and amazement. It will be up and down, the proverbial roller coaster of turning a young, raw QB into a true starter in the NFL.

Continuing on this tour of mediocrity with Siemian will get the Broncos to another 9-7 season. He just is not the answer. There has been little improvement on his part. Allowing the offense to continue in stagnation is unforgivable.

So, how about this move. Name Lynch the starter, but put him on a leash. When the coaching staff sees that the offense is struggling, use Siemian as a reliever. It could end up that the Broncos go 7-9 instead of 9-7, but they will end 2017 knowing what they must do regarding the QB. Either stick with Lynch, or try and sign Drew Brees, Kirk Cousins, or Matthew Stafford next season.

What exactly does Denver have to lose?