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Day 6 recap: Nothing changes at quarterback, Charles takes part in team action, news and notes, and more

Here is your day 6 Training Camp recap

NFL: Denver Broncos-Training Camp Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Day six of Denver Broncos Training Camp is in the books and nothing has changed on the quarterback front. Both have been inconsistent and neither has run away with the job. We did see center Matt Paradis and Jamaal Charles return to practice, Vance Joseph raves about Connor McGovern, tweets from practice and more!

Quarterbacks fail to separate themselves:

Wednesday’s practice didn’t give us any real change to the Broncos quarterback competition. One started out hot before cooling off while the other started out ice cold before having a good finish.

Paxton Lynch:

Like a few practices before, Paxton Lynch started out looking great and on his way having a statement practice that helps take the lead in the quarterback battle.

He had the only offensive touchdown of the day when he hit Austin Traylor early in the practice and by most observers was winning the day.

Then it started going downhill for Lynch. He struggled with batted passes at the line, and during a “win it” drill with 1:47 on the clock, Lynch threw an interception on a 4th and 2 with very little time on the clock. Cornerback Aqib Talib did what he does best. He read Lynch’s eyes on the slant pass and jumped the pass for an interception.

It was a do or die situation and Lynch came out the loser.

So while Lynch started out looking like the better quarterback again, inconsistency and turnover derailed another potentially game changing day for Paxton Lynch.

Trevor Siemian:

Siemian started practice ice cold.

He went through the Broncos first two team drills without a single completion to an offensive player during that span. He had a batted pass at the line, a sack, and also had a pick-six. Linebacker Brandon Marshall jumped a Siemian pass in the flat and took it back for six.

He was 0-5, with a sack, batted pass, and a pick six during that span.

Siemian’s fortune changed in the second half of practice. He had a much more consistent 7 on 7 drills. He also had a chance to take part in the “win it” drill to end practice with the second team offense. He had two 20 yard or so completions to Jordan Taylor and led the team into field goal range and a chance for the win.

This was done against the second team defense but was the highlight of Siemian’s day.

In the end, neither quarterback really stood out and both were inconsistent once again.

Head Coach Vance Joseph had a more even keeled response to this practice than I expected. He basically said inconsistency happens to everyone and it’s okay because these are teachable moments for both quarterbacks.

“I think every player is going through some of that in training camp, obviously the quarterback is a big discussion. Every player, if you grade the film, has had good plays and bad plays, but the quarterback’s bad plays everyone sees them and it's an interception. That's the position. I'm OK with that because we're learning, we're teaching and we're competing.”

So it appears this still neck and neck as we enter the second week of Broncos practices. I hoped we would have seen some separation by now, but that is not happening.

Lynch has looked like the best quarterback at times during these practices but he has also looked like the worse quarterback at times during these practices. The highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

Meanwhile, Siemian hasn’t had the highest of highs as Lynch but he also hasn’t had the lowest of lows, and this sums up the quarterback battle. For awhile Lynch looks great then the wheels come off. Trevor has his ups and downs but the peaks and valleys aren’t as high or low.

In the end, this leads to the quarterback battle remaining pretty tight. If this continues they may need to name someone the starter soon so they can give whoever that person is consistent reps with the ones and hope they improve from there. The longer this neck and neck battle continues, the more it hurts the offense.

Charles and Paradis take the next step:

The biggest non-quarterback news from today’s practice was the return of running back Jamaal Charles and center Matt Paradis.

On Monday, Joseph stated that Charles would get in on some team action for the first time this offseason. He did it in a 7 on 7 drills where he caught a pass from quarterback Paxton Lynch.

It’s a start for Charles who will see an increase in workload as we continue. Joseph stated he could see an increase in workload next week as well.

Center Matt Paradis also returned after rehabbing hip surgery this offseason which is excellent news.

Vance Joseph told reporters that Paradis looked good today during his first on the field action since his surgeries.

“Matt looked good. We're going to go slow with Matt, but obviously having him out there is a huge deal for us. We're going to work Matt and Jamaal Charles on the same kind of pace where we're going to work those guys slowly into team drills and hopefully they increase as the games start.”

Paradis is one of the best centers in the league when he is healthy so this is a big addition to their offensive line which appears to be improved.

Connor McGovern earns praise:

With Paradis back in some team drills today, that means guard/center Connor McGovern who has been replacing Paradis would move from the starting center position. Well with Ronald Leary sitting out practice, the second-year player played some right guard for the Broncos today.

Joseph raved about McGovern after practice today and said he was really proud of him.

“Connor has done a great job. He's carried us because Matt's [Paradis] been out for an entire spring and some of training camp. Connor's done a great job playing center and now playing some guard. He's competing for playing time. I've been really proud of him.”

McGovern has had some issues with bad snaps but keeps in mind he’s learning center on the fly. He played left tackle in college before moving to guard last season. Now he has started playing center this offseason while Paradis was out, so his play has been impressive considering the transition.

McGovern is a player I am anxious to see on the field. His roster spot all but secure considering he’s the only guard/center on the roster currently, but could he push Max Garica and Alan Barbre for the left guard spot? That will be something to watch going forward.

Von talks up DeMarcus Walker:

Von Miller had an interesting interview today but one thing that stood out to me was what he had to say about rookie DeMarcus Walker.

Miller is excited about Walker’s potential versatility on defense for the Broncos.

“I've seen a lot. I was talking to DeMarcus and I said, you can play inside, you can go outside and play defensive end, or you can go outside and play outside linebacker. I'm not sure there's a player in the National Football League that can do that. I talk to him about that every single day. If you're able to really harness the force young Padawan, and really take advantage of your opportunity that you have, there's not too many defensive tackles that get to go play outside linebacker and move around. If he's able to be elite and play all three positions, that'll be something to look out for. I think he's excited about it and I'm going to do my best. I'm going to coach him up like I do with everybody else.”

Walker has been taking all his practice reps and individual reps at outside linebacker for the past few days but was drafted to be an inside pass rusher. This led to Von saying how special it would be to see a defensive tackle who can also play some edge rusher.

If he can do that, the Broncos have a versatile weapon on the defensive side of the ball.

Injury report:

Tweets from camp:

Notable quotes:

Inside linebacker Brandon Marshall on his pick six of Trevor Siemian:

“It was basically just zone coverage. I saw when the tight end broke out, typically, that’s where the quarterback’s eyes are going it. That’s the blitz side. He wasn’t going to see me coming from the back side. I think quarterbacks are typically taught to throw where the blitz is coming from. I anticipated it, sliced the out-route, and that’s all she wrote.”

Von Miller on entertaining the fans before and during practice:

“I've been doing some of the same stuff. I guess people are starting to see it a little bit more, I don't know. Every year we've got the crowd out here and I love interacting with the crowd—getting them to clap and throwing water on them. I should bring a water gun out here so I can spray them. I love interacting with the crowd. They come a long way just to watch us practice for two hours. They get here at 7:30 in the morning, before we even get here, just to see us practice. When they come all of the way out here, I just try to give them something while they're here.”

Center Matt Paradis on his thought on guard/center Connor McGovern:

“Connor has done an amazing job. He stepped into the center. He barely took plays at all last year. Now he’s making the calls, he’s dialed on the offense. He’s not messing up. He’s doing very well. I’ve been very impressed with him. Then he can step over seamlessly to guard. He’s doing very well.”

Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders expectations of the Broncos offense this year:

“Coming from me, I think our run game is going to be explosive this year and it’s going to open up the pass. We’re going to be able to pass the ball to open up the run. I think our run game is going to be so good with this line if they could continuously improve with [RB] C.J. [Anderson], (De’Angelo) Henderson, and Jamaal, and all those guys in the back field. If they can run the football, we can get the defense to go man to man versus me, [WR] Demaryius [Thomas], and the receiving corps, I think we’ll have a great offense. That’s where we’re headed to.”

Von Miller on rookie wide receiver/returner Isaiah McKenzie:

“It's stuff that I've been doing. I guess you guys are paying a little bit more attention. That’s some of the stuff that I've been doing a lot. Isaiah McKenzie, that's my son, 'little crawfish'— his nickname is 'little crawfish'. You’ve got the lobster—little crawfish is his nickname He's going to do a lot of good stuff for us this year so I'm proud of him.”