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Did dragging out the QB competition hurt Trevor Siemian and the offense?

The Afternoon Drive hosts consider whether the competition ultimately will delay chemistry for this squad.

NFL: Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The quarterback competition articles will be coming to an end.

Just not yet.

But Les Shapiro and Eric Goodman at The Afternoon Drive had an interesting discussion about whether - in hindsight, obviously - it was a good idea to have “a competition,” given that the starting job ultimately went to the guy who had earned the job last season.

Goodman argued the competition was critical to see if Paxton Lynch had progressed enough to be the starter he was drafted to be: “You had to see if Paxton Lynch was ready to go.”

But Shapiro believes the competition was nothing more than the Front Office desperately trying to give Lynch time to take the job away - but now the only thing lost is valuable time Siemian could have been practicing with the 1s.

“This team really wanted the QB named earlier,” Shapiro said. “But Vance Joseph and John Elway felt they needed to throw the position up for grabs and see if Paxton could wrestle it away from the incumbent Trevor Siemian. ...They were hoping/praying Paxton Lynch would experience some kind of physical and mental epiphany and he just couldn’t do it.”

So now Siemian is the starter, but he has just three weeks to really develop consistent chemistry with his offense.

Demaryius Thomas - who will be a major target for Siemian - said his chemistry with Siemian is “probably better than most people expect” but he’ll take every extra rep he can get before the season opener.

“We can use every day we can get to tell you the truth. We’re just trying to get better,” Thomas told Shapiro and Goodman. “It’s a whole different team with a lot of new faces, a lot of new stuff. The more reps we get, the better off we’ll be for Week 1.”

Thomas told The Afternoon Drive he wasn’t surprised by the decision to go with Siemian as starter, but at the same time, there were a lot of days, it was up for grabs which QB would earn the title.

“They both had ups and downs. Some days Paxton would come out here and light it up...they both had their days,” Thomas said. “It was a good competition.”

All the same, DT is definitely happy to have it over with.

“It’s a good thing that now we know who we’ll see every game with this season. Now we can get the extra reps,” Thomas said, adding that he can do the same extra reps with Siemian like he used to do with Peyton Manning.

“That’ll be a good thing, so we can get the timing down,” Thomas said, adding that having a decision just “settles down everything.”

“We’ve got three weeks before home-opener. It’ll be big,” he said. “You can tell [Siemian] is a different player than he was last year, so that will help as well.”

OK, Broncos Country, here is the question:

Regardless of how you feel about the decision that was made on the chosen starter, do you believe the Broncos would have been better off not having a competition so Siemian could have had more time with the 1s - and the offense could have more time with their QB - to be in a better place to start the season?


20/20 hindsight is so unfair, but given the outcome, are you still ok with having had a QB competition?

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  • 62%
    Yes. Broncos needed to find out legitimately if Lynch could take over - or not.
    (1024 votes)
  • 24%
    No. Total waste of time placating Elway, only to find out Lynch wasn’t ready.
    (405 votes)
  • 13%
    Since Sloter wasn’t included in the competition, I declare the whole thing a sham!
    (219 votes)
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