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Should Ron Leary be playing left guard?

The Afternoon Drive poses an interesting question after talking to Leary about his position switch.

NFL: Denver Broncos at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of the Afternoon Drive caught up with Ron Leary after practice today and asked him about his transition from left to right guard.

The question was asked if it was no big deal for a veteran guy to switch positions or is it a transition?

It’s definitely a transition. When you ask people that question they kinda downplay it like ‘no it’s just a switch’, but nah it’s definitely a transition.

I’ve been on the left my whole career so switching has definitely been a transition. I’ve done some good things and I’ve got some things I need to clean up.

Eric then followed it up by asking whether or not he had considered knocking on Vance Joseph’s door and letting him know he’s more comfortable on the left side.

You know, I think he knows. But I think he had the confidence in me that I could get it done so I took that on as a challenge and I’ve just been working my tail off on it.

This led to an interesting discussion between Eric and Les around if the Broncos made the right call switching Leary from a position he was most comfortable and had played his entire career and making him learn a new one.

They make the point that he is Denver’s top free agent acquisition over the last two years in terms of guaranteed money and potential impact, and yet they are asking him to play outside of his comfort zone.

I tend to agree with their argument, especially given the fact that potential left guard starter, Max Garcia, is only in his 3rd year and spent his first year playing both right and left guard spots. Plus, Connor McGovern is potentially a better guard than Garcia and he hasn’t played either spots before.

So rather than “thinning the pancake batter” as Eric Goodman puts it, should Denver start Leary at his natural position?

What do you think Broncos Country? Should Denver have kept Leary at his natural spot, or are Allen Babre, Garcia, or McGovern going to thrive better in the left guard position?