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Garett Bolles unhappy about penalties, but won’t stop playing his game

Despite the penalties, Garett Bolles isn’t going to change how he plays the game. And that’s a good thing.

NFL: Denver Broncos-Training Camp Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

After practice on Wednesday, Garett Bolles met with the media to talk about his experiences as a rookie on the Denver Broncos. Already the starting left tackle, he has made quite the impression through the first two preseason games.

As with any rookie, some of that impression has been good and some has been bad. Bolles knows he has a lot of work still to do before he feels fully comfortable.

“Still not there yet,” Bolles said of being named the starting left tackle. “I still have a lot of work. I have two preseason games I have to finish. If I’m still there by Week 1, then we can talk. Other than that, I have other things I have to worry about. Just making sure I played the best I can and protect [QB] Trevor [Siemian] with all my heart, and for him to know that I have his back so he can step in the pocket and make plays. We’re right where we need to be. I’m excited to see what happens.”

Penalties was one issue the cropped up several times last week against the San Francisco 49ers. It’s an issue that could seriously hurt the offenses ability to score points in the regular season, so it will be important for Bolles to clean that up as much as possible before Week 1.

“I’m not going to stop playing my game,” Bolles said of the penalties. “Things happen, but I’m never going to change the way I play. I’m never going to change the way I bring my energy. But, I do have a lot to work on. I’m going to fix those things, but I’m never going to change. If I change, then I’m not doing to be who I am. I’m here for a reason. I’m the player I am and I finish people and I come off the ball. That’s why they brought me here. They needed push up front. They wouldn’t have brought me here if they didn’t think I could do that. I’m just going to continue to work, fix the little things I need to work on, be more consistent, and just get ready to play.”

It’s all a work in progress, especially for a rookie just getting his first taste of the NFL. Bolles appears to have the kind of aggressive attitude that will make him ferocious in the run game, but a bit of a concern in pass protection. All he can do is work on improving each day.

“You just have to find your groove,” said Bolles. “Where I got drafted compared to where I’m at now, I’ve been blessed. They brought me in here, they wanted me to compete and I had to learn fast. But I’m a very big visual learner, so coming out here, doing walk-throughs and seeing my mistakes is something that helps me improve every single day. I’m not saying I’m where I need to be, but I’m on the right track to get where I want to be. I just continue to work hard every single day and know that I have guys to the left and right of me.”

Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and his staff have to find that good balance between being overly aggressive and just aggressive enough. That will take time and experience and it doesn’t sound like McCoy is too concerned with forcing Bolles out of his comfort zone.

“You’re going to play,” McCoy said of Bolles’ aggressive play. “You don’t want to take that away from any player. You are going to go out there as an offense and play aggressive but we have to eliminate the certain penalties we can eliminate.”

It sounds like we’ll have to deal with some of the mistakes Bolles will make, but we shouldn’t be too concerned about it. He appears to be a good player and with playing time and more experience will learn the finer points of the game.


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